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Robert Downey Jr. is an American actor, producer, and singer. He stars in the new movie "Doolittle" which releases in theater on January 17, 2020.

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"We almost lost the prime minster of Canada cause he did brown face" that wouldn't have been a bad thing
Sir Squid
The perfect new iron man is Connor McGregor
Adam Stitt
You 2 talked. Yes. But u didnt sync u like u do this time man.. rdj is kinda difficult tho to my eyes.. cant get real real with a man that fn famous
Aaron Eads
Joe's plan for RDJ to come back as Ironman wouldn't work! But, I know a way to do it, and it would be awesome
Clinton Justice
Did you know that Robert Downey junior is directly profiting off of the exploitation of child labor check out It completely shocked me and caught me off guard because I was a fan but definitely not anymore he is there #1 supporter
this podcast was just "ok" or "meh' why didn't you ask him about the dirtiest girl he ever slept with? you scared Joey?

all Joseph talked about was movies and martial arts.
Bradley Chambers
my favorite one ever
Cest LaVie
When I was a little kid, maybe 9 or something, I saw a magazine that said RDJ was in jail and in a bit of trouble. So I wrote him a letter of encouragement. Told him to get his stuff together because I thought he was awesome. And that I thought he could pull through and be a different person and get through it. I gave it to my mom and she said she mailed it. I doubt that seriously but, I’ve always believed in this man. I’m so happy to see him so well adjusted and killing it. Normally I don’t care about celebrities but something about him, I just wanted him to win. Even as a kid. Haha
J.T. Tomas
Sanders? Seriously JOE
kagitaka tokahe
Nope on Iron man returning. I hope we see Iron man's daughter pick up the suit as a young woman. That would be the shit!
Wasn't this podcast 4 hours?

*oh wait that was Alex Jones.*
R4- P17
good chat but this guy's career goes way back before tropic of thunder and I feel all anyone focuses on with him now is just that sherlock or iron man which isn't doing him justice. a question about his moment as Charlie chaplain or the 80s brat pack years would've been appreciated rather than yet another question about tony stark.
Mladen Vujovic
Mr. Rogan! I am a watcher and a fan of your work, but i write because of something else, a subject i think is really important and needs your attention, at least because you are a smart man and a hunter too. Please, invite mr. David Paulides to your show..!
Thank you for everything good you have done and that you do, warm regards & godspeed.
WW3 is coming to our front door
Camille Lieberman
I think RDJ is a great actor but his personality....? Ughhhh. I can’t finish this egocentric interview
sf e
It's impossible not to love RDJ
Idk about him doing Doolittle makes him not typecast....he did alot of work before and hes an amazing actor all around but for someone my age; he has always been Iron Man... I think the first one came out when I was around 12 and I'm 25 now and whenever I look at him: He is Tony Stark... in the same vein Chris Evan's is Cap, Mark Ruffalo is Hulk, Jeremy Renner is Hawkeye etc etc because none of them really had much before, during, or since for me. The same thing happened with Star Wars; when you play such an iconic and popular role it's hard to go back from that
Sherlock Holmes please
JamesBe Byrne
Things that make you go hmmmmmmm
Young Talk
Damm. All I see is iron man talking and I can't believe it's actually the same person. I mean, iron man and downe look like the same person, if i know what i mean
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