Don't Sledgehammer Your Employee's SUPERHOT In Real Life! | Ft. Markiplier 1 week ago   16:48

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Hey guys! Which Team Edge employee had the best wish list? Which item did you like to see get destroyed? Do you think we should buy more expensive gifts for our employees? Let us know down below!

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Liam Downie
I would love a dji drone
Jonathan Scrocco
You guys must have the combined IQ equaling that of a ferret.
I read that title and though...

Well yeah... 😂
meshuggah life
But, but, kids in Africa!!
Jake Farrell
Stop showing up in my recommended jfc
why are you wearing airpods lol. you're filming a video, you probably not listening to music
Lee _ly
Just so you know they buy a warranty for the items so if they're destroyed they just get replaced
Kendall Thornton
j fred flexing with his airpods
Jeff Braun
This makes me sick .. just stop. It isn't funny
Tropic HD
Team Sledge...
Caleb Holman
What some people don't seem to understand is that by destroying things they are able to make videos that get more views allowing them to employ people who make money doing something they like. Also there is a 50/50 shot that the employee gets something cool while doing it.
Totally copying Dangie Bros though... :|
Caroline Wright
The guy with I pad could just get the screen fixed but they definitely made the girl destroy the hair dryer not fair !!!!!!!
Big Weirdo
Joey: *smashes ipad*
Corey: *crys and dies a little on the inside*
I’m just glad the headphones didn’t break.
Yeet Man
Don't sledgehammer your employee's face!
Rip iPad and rip hair dryer
Adam Cross
Tanner! Don't smash the hairdryer! Oh no, he can't here us he's got airpods in!
Just add Fry's Gaming
Don't press it

Ten tak
I don’t understand it they are happy for each other sooooo wtf
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SUPERHOT In Real Life! | Ft. Markiplier Don't Sledgehammer Your Employee's 1 week ago   15:02

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