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Why Are Startups Leaving Silicon Valley? | What Does China Own In The U.s.? - At Up-Tube.com

Why are startups leaving Silicon Valley? What does China own in the U.S.? 2 days ago   04:33

CNBC International
With the rise of global digital nomads, some entrepreneurs are extending funds by moving to less expensive places around the world. Uptin Saiidi reports.

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Comments 584 Comments

Aadarsh Kumar
Bangalore, India is also an option now
Real world
India badly need them
Real world
Ok good human... World should develop together... American already feed up to immigration.... America already rich and develop now they need to protect their own identity...
1:04 the country you squared isn’t Germany, it’s France!
Michael Rangel
Did anyone notice when he said designer in Germany it was pointing to France?
That’s why we need companies to stay in America.
NPN Channel Asia
Bali indonesia is the best
Barry Manilowa
Lot's of bad advice.in this video! If you're struggling to stay afloat for 6 months, then you did a terrible job at raising money. Outsourcing and moving to a cheaper location, won't help. China and other Asian countries are the worst place to be for any kind of innovation. There's a reason why China and India have yet to innovate anything of significance.
nitish kannan
Can build startup anywhere literally use a free Starbucks or capital one cafe free no rent free internet outsource everything
giorgos e
The map showed France instead of Germany
Germany isn't France?
Antonio R
Imagine having such silly bourgeois problems.
Russell Campbell
What we have in the US for the last forty years or so, is the godless left admonishing good hard working people with shame politics and racial division, regardless of race. All absolutists use this tool in the beginning. As with all cancers, it begins slowly and little by little, the values of the majority are eroded away, all the time being subsidized by the very people being subjugated by the forces of nihilistic evil that is the left (or the true far right). Use the morality of the people against them, even though the very entity that is attempting to subvert a given country or political system has none of those inherent values within its own people or organization. Stahlin and Hitler knew this well. Make people feel bad about their own hard work and the blessings that come with said work and right life decisions. Most importantly and always, accuse anyone loudly and vehemently as racist, fascist, or misogynist, or ethnicist, etc. that have the audacity to point out the hypocrisy that the Emperor has no clothes and to the very things that the leftists are actually doing in reality. "Say it loud and long enough and it will be accepted as the truth (Adolf Hilter, Mein Kampf)", even though it can factually be proven false. Or "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO" which should be the left and Democrats new motto. Another way of saying this is: "Accuse others of the sins ye do!"

A classic example is using Christian morality against itself. The leftist/fascist ( there is no real endstate difference in the long run) always use this kind of statement, to wit: " As a good Christian, you should be more tolerant of,( take your pick, atheists, Wiccans, Mexicans, Latinos, blacks, whites, women, Asians, Catholics, LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ, etc."), even though that person making this statement has NOTHING in common spiritually with you, nor shares any of the moral values of Christianity, and truly deep down hates you and wishes to destroy you. Remember, leftist thought and socialist doctrine prohibit the belief in a higher power/creator and that nothing done in this life has real consequences and is nihilistically subjective. Not do they believe in private property rights (unless it is THEIR PROPERTY IN QUESTION). "What is mine is mine and what is yours is negotiable", in their minds. Using a given demographics' own moral code against them is an old trick of the Communists before the 1917 revolution and has been used again and again in order to weaken and eventually destroy a given society or government. Divide and conquer is their mantra.

This tolerance of the majority is, as well as turning the proverbial cheek, to these godless scum and moral reprobates are reaching an end. The more the left compresses the spring of the majority (by that majority I mean the working and middle-class period), the worse the eventual outcome will be for the left, IMO.

The average American (regardless of ethnic background, race or gender) is sick and tired so-called identity politics as well as being told what to think and how to express his or herself and we are doubly tired of financing our own financial and economic serfdom through ridiculous wealth dispersion taxation and methods brought on us by the wealthy, feudally minded elitist oligarchs in various federal, state and local governments. California, Illinois, and New York readily come to mind here. The working class and middle class have effectively been paying for their own slavery and the allowance of immoral, anti-US citizen-based laws to be passed for the last 50 years. Luckily, I am hopeful that we all have truly started to wake up to this fact and may yet prevail as a citizen-based, self-actualized and personally responsible country again, but there may and possibly will be, very dark days ahead, and if the left crashes the dollar, possibly civil war and insurrection (which I might add, the right would win). I hope to God this doesn't come to fruition.

The hypocrisy of all of this situation is that the left are truly the ones responsible for the majority (but not all) of the horrible things happening in the country for the last 40 years, through their own legislative and political efforts. They have effectively destroyed the family in many states and have replaced said family with a dependence on governmental institutions, knowing that the family is the basic political unit of any government. They, the left, were the ones that toted the idea of having fewer children in the US for years and yet they bring in and subsidize illegal invaders as a brand "new voting bucket" to offset the very population decline they themselves propagated. So much for a fair and balanced population. It is said that if it were not for illegals the US would be a 0% population growth. Diversity in the real leftist camp is not a strength, but a divisionary tool for civic destruction as we are seeing. It is only more apparent in the "Left Coast", but is a disease that has pervaded the entire western world.
Tr Rt
Stupid to compare . If anything. You wanna save money.
Move to a regular town with low cost of living . Wtf is this guy talking about
Oliver Phippen
Liberals are the blame  for  Trumps success and they don't get it ?????
S500 Triumph
Stupid US government policies based on emotions is making America poorer and less developed
Why come to America with its make America white again, when you can go to other countries that actually want business.
sumair irshad
Rent a Desk in Pakistan 40$ per month
al somore
Why all technology have to be in California? Why not move to the other 49 states and you have plenty of opportunities to create a business in the area? Here in Ohio several tech companies are growing especially a solar panel manufacturing company.
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What does China own in the U.S.? Why are startups leaving Silicon Valley? 2 days ago   12:19

Billions of dollars flow into the U.S. from China every year. CNBC’s Uptin Saiidi explores some of China’s biggest assets in New York and explains how the trend is shifting.


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