How to Find a Technical Cofounder - Michael Why Does Your Company Deserve 3 months ago   05:23

Y Combinator
Michael Seibel on how to find a technical cofounder.

Michael is CEO and a Partner at YC. He was the co-founder and CEO of and Socialcam.

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Michael Butlitsky
Great advice.
But how to find a good non-technical cofounder (for technical cofounder)?

That's the tricky question for most technical guys i know.
aemeric English
1. Make a list really enjoy to talk.
2. Do as primary job
3. Make it formal offer.

if dont have
1. Co-workers
2. Go get another job to find co-workers

Best future co-founders, at School
Adeel Khan
This is a pretty awesome video. I'll watch this video a couple of times, with the core intent being : listen/observe and apply.
henri nyakarundi
One thing I would add if you have worked with contractors sometime you worked with great software contractor that are interested in what you doing. Worth also looking at.
elias valdez
I’m starting an e-commerce business (silicon valley , Ca ) and have $2500 a month for a good marketing agency to drive traffic. Increase of monthly retainer based on performance and even % of sales . Drop Emails
Tanner Meade
A problem with working to find a technical cofounder is a lot of NDA's have non compete clauses that say that coworkers can't do a startup together. Correct me if I'm wrong.
George Leyva
Get a job? Really? Come on, this is not good advice
I'm a recent grad in a startup unpaid atm but the guy is a friend of friend and gun React/Rails Developer and he's offering to pay us once he gets traction. It's really hard to find good people to work for!
Bassel Matta
How can we get to work with Y combinator?
We have a new patented technology in the Virtual Desktop space that's allowing us to be priced close to half of our competition in the market while providing more features!
I like it so much. Great advice
Christopher Thomas
Thanks for the great advice, Michael!
Spencer Fraise
#1 tip should be DON'T go looking for a technical co-founder. If you're really serious about your idea then go learn how to code yourself!
Ahmed Hakeem
"how do I find someone to do all the actual work" - the pitch: "I'll give you a minority stake in the company and maybe a salary eventually - trust me it will be a brilliant idea and will make you billions of dollars"
Vladimir Georgiev
I have a big network with friends from Bulgaria, being in software development for about 10 years. I am also open for business opportunities as a cofounder. The perfect cofounder for me is some business development or sales guy.
Dan T
BECOME the technical cofounder boooiiiiss
idono huaim
Is there a specific reason why you didn't mention the Internet?
Paul Deuchar
How to Find a Technical Cofounder?
go to Serbia.
I wish I had watched this video 6 months ago! So many wishy-washy conversations just to see how my friends/coworkers felt about potentially working with me. I should have made offers. Damn.
Grace Livingston Official
become a technical person yourself. you'll attract serious cofounders too surprisingly
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Why Does Your Company Deserve How to Find a Technical Cofounder - Michael 3 months ago   08:37

Michael Seibel is a partner and the CEO of YC. He cofounded, which was in the winter 2007 batch and Socialcam, which was in the winter 2012 batch.

In this video Michael comments on his essay Why Does Your Company Deserve More Money?

The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon -



00:00 - Why Does Your Company Deserve More Money

1:00 - A team, a product, and an office are all just a means to an end

2:00 - If you don’t really deserve money, what is an alternate path to create leverage?

3:45 - Breaking even at was a moment of infinite clarity

6:00 - Series A program and leverage