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Tandems At Work?? G35 And Shartkart Hoonigan | I Spent $1,500.00 For Dirt!? - At Up-Tube.com

Tandems at Work?? G35 and ShartKart Hoonigan I Spent $1,500.00 for Dirt!? 1 day ago   19:08

Hoonigan Daily Transmission
We got Danger Dan out of the garage!! And Vin. And Hert. Best team bonding/driving day ever. Remember kids, drifting is way more fun with friends.

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Comments 1875 Comments

JiMbOw CrACkLe hEaD
We all want shart kart v2 lol
This is my dream job
TheSLAPTrain should come on daily transmission with his G and tandem that thing!
Stellar Gale drifting and racing
In Japan it was a Skyline, so Scumline
Tony Parkinson
hurt, do u know what 2nd gear is?
Ricke Yuson
Inspired me even more to try out drifting with my 05 get coupe 6mt
Bryant Taylor
You guys may in fact have the greatest jobs in the world..... just sayin if you ever need an apprentice scumbag im here. I'll scream in the passenger seat all day, I got it.
Christopher Russell
I almost wish these videos had like a mid video extra beauty shot intermission or like slow mo or snap shot cause music's always bangin and detail or slow mo shots of cars in action is satisfying af
Rob Bamber
now we need a three way with shit car
vincent sifuentez
what ever happened to sh*t car?
Tyler Clark
MuchFly Wow
that's the most floppy phallic intake i've ever seen on a car.
what year G35 was this one?
Lewis Carrillo
Vinny sucks major dick at drifting
austin ray
Make the c4 into a kart, miata kart XL 😎
Adrian Kucharski
I dunno what about you, guyz, but me? I could call it The Dangermobile xD
Mitchell Prest
Someone needs to take out the doors on the vans sitting on the yard
Lol Shart Kart swinging that superchargers filter like a kid that just found out about his boner shaking his wee-wee back and forth ahaha
Jeff Cunningham
Got the Hollow Squad hoodie 💯
16:32 i see you
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I Spent $1,500.00 for Dirt!? Tandems at Work?? G35 and ShartKart Hoonigan 1 day ago   29:37

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