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At least 95 people have been killed in an attack in central Mali. It is the latest massacre in an ongoing conflict between rival ethnic groups in the country. The attack took place in the village of Sobanekou, which is inhabited by members of the Dogon community. Officials said unidentified gunmen attacked overnight on Sunday, virtually wiping out the entire village. Fighting between Dogon hunters and rival Fulani herders has already left hundreds dead in the past year and a half.

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This conflict has alot to do with the fulani thinking they own everything... they bring there cattle and set up shop wherever they want...
Your lookin at exactly how slave raids were conducted during the Atlantic slave trade. The culprits are still at it till this day..
I know God will end the killing worldwide.
Defence Man
God forbid that you tell anyone that these killers were all Islamists ! One more Islamic slaughter in one country.
*Africa needs a Joseph Stalin, so there's one tribe, one religion and one Language, per country this is the only way for Africa to survive and thrive.*
TK Baha
oil underneath.
Josh Hough
Islamic violence? Surely not !
Is there a country in the world that hasn't had Islamic violence??
Yazid Espoir
C'est un acte de bande de lâche même si on sait rien si c'est politique ou ethnique sa resterai un acte de lâcheté
Jacqueline Judge
This is beyond desperate,
Bakary Galedou
Un peuple un but une foi je vois plus ça au Mali dommage
Jonathan Sterling
Had to neg a few of your videos for unnecessarily shadow banning my post.
Chinese Goyim
Thank god I wasn't born in Africa
Bakary Galedou
J ai mal au coeur tout se que je peu dire que l état malien rend obligatoire armé à tout les maliens pour sauver le Mali
Oh look, another massacre in some random African country !
Gitana Maldita
Sorry for the unpolitical correctness but this makes me think about 2 old tribes killing each other on ''sacred'' lands.
But in a primitive way.
xcx23 Cwea
The Mali Government has resolve the case. Suspects in custody. or Did the western corporations find oil? so someone send in the goons to scare the people of the land???????
la mexicana
Sure it's another shot of the Americans !
Dardania Lion
It’s really a huge country and tribes have done this to each other all the time.
Derek M
I don't even know why people try, everything there is absolutely corrupt to the core for the most part. God bless the UN peace keepers who show up to work everyday knowing its that which they get to look forward to,.... Protecting a bunch of savages who have little to no regard for the lives of people with common background let alone themselves... Unbelievable
Renate Lewis
Why can't the UN send some Troops to protect the Innocent. Terrible.
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