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University rankings can focus on many different factors, including attractiveness of campus, satisfaction of students and alums, extracurricular benefits (such as top athletics programs), affordability of tuition, and expected income of graduates.
But if the focus is on academic prestige, scholarly excellence, and intellectual horsepower, this article provides the ranking you want. At the universities in this ranking, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the brightest faculty and students in the world, developing your knowledge and skills so that you yourself will be in a position to join the world’s elite academics, scientists, and thinkers.
Harvard University,
Stanford University,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),
University of California at Berkeley,
University of Cambridge,
Princeton University,
California Institute of Technology (Caltech),
Columbia University,
University of Chicago,
Oxford University,
Yale University,
University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA),
Cornell University,
University of Washington,
University of Pennsylvania,
Johns Hopkins University,
University of California at San Francisco,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH),
University College London,
University of Tokyo,
Imperial College London,
University of Michigan,
University of Toronto,
University of Wisconsin,
Kyoto University,
New York University,
Northwestern University,
University of Illinois,
University of Minnesota,
Duke University,
Washington University,
Rockefeller University,
University of Colorado,
Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI),
University of North Carolina,
University of British Columbia,
University of Manchester,
University of Texas,
University of Copenhagen,
University of California at Santa Barbara,
University of Paris-Sud,
University of Maryland,
University of Melbourne,
University of Edinburgh,
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center,
Karolinska Institute,
University of California at Irvine,
Heidelberg University,
University of Munich,

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This list is crap, obviously a personal list and not by some known academic rankings. And some unheard of USA universities are on this list where as more renowned asian universities like National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University, University of Hong Kong which are known to be within the top 50 are not here. And Oxford at no 10??!!
Woosuk Kang
what the fuck mate
The list is from Shanghai Ranking (University of Shanghai Communication). It is rather objective as there are no Chinese universities on the list.
ed fernandez
Who is making this list? Criteria? Lots of California schools??
Dave Lopes
Total BS
Prince Apaah
Still no school from Africa
Julie's Miracle Rich Show
Ah im from UNC ranking 36 haha interesting
Zealous Tipp
*In any particular order or.. ?.?*
Artere Laksamana
None from.indon !
Noa Ben
This is not in order
Mosaraf Nishat
Buet is also a good univercity
Beware of a racist sociopath
*I would like to warn any colored (brown, yellow, black) student wishing to study at the **_University of Glasgow_** in the United Kingdom to beware of a person called Dr. Michael Kenyon, who is a lecturer at the School of Physics & Astronomy at that university. Kenyon is a narcissistic, twisted racist sociopath. In 1998, Michael Kenyon was an undergraduate at University College London (UCL), and he lived at an accommodation leased by UCL (on Doughty Street, London WC1). From the beginning, he took a dislike to his next door neighbor, an Asian student studying at UCL. This Asian student was quiet and did not bother anyone. But Kenyon was a very different character. He was a manipulative, racist sociopath who hated people in general, but colored people in particular. Kenyon, on one occasion, cut out words from a newspaper and formed the words **_I Am A Paki Wanker_** and pasted the words on a piece of blank A4 paper and stuck it on the Asian student's door late one night, thinking that the Asian student would not discover it until next morning. On another occasion, Kenyon persuaded another resident at the building to write the words **_Vaseline Boy_** next to the Asian student's name on the phone list next to the public phone inside the building, because Kenyon wanted to humiliate the Asian student. The student who wrote the words **_Vaseline Boy_** at Kenyon's behest later regretted it and TipEx-ed it off and informed the Asian student about it. Kenyon also tried to get a couple of friends of the student who wrote **_Vaseline Boy_** to beat up the Asian student. That is how much he hated his Asian neighbor.*

*_(In the U.K., a "Paki" is a derogatory and offensive word that refers to Asian people from the Indian subcontinent. In other words, "Paki" would be as offensive a word as "nigger" is to black people, or "Chink" is to Oriental people)._*

*So what exactly triggered Kenyon's pathological hatred for his Asian neighbor (apart from the fact he was Asian)? Well, the Asian student's "crime" (in Kenyon's eyes) was to report Kenyon to UCL's Residence Office about the persistent loud music that came out of Kenyon's stereo **_every single night,_** and he would regularly play his music until 3 am. Yes, A M. Having asked Kenyon to respect his right to sleep on numerous occasions, with Kenyon completely ignoring him, the Asian student had no choice but to take this matter to the UCL authorities. UCL's Residence Officer wrote a warning letter to Kenyon, and this set him off, and his campaign of racial harassment against the Asian student intensified.*

*The Asian student, after months of racial abuse, decided to move to another residence altogether. But this did not stop Kenyon from continuing to harass his victim. Kenyon got a hold of the Asian student's mobile phone statement after he (the Asian student) had left the Doughty Street residence (this statement was mistakenly sent to the student's old Doughty Street address), which allowed Kenyon to find out the student's mobile phone number. Kenyon left an anonymous message (with a heavily disguised voice) on the student's voicemail, which went like this: **_You are a Paki waaaaaaaaaaaaanker._** Imagine how the Asian student felt when he heard the message. The student took this matter to UCL's Dean of Students who strongly urged him to report this matter to the Police. A police report was lodged at the **_Holborn Police Station_** in London on 4 March 1999 against the sick racist coward, and the police treated this as a hate crime.*
Courtney Barnes
This should be Top universities in the UK and the USA
Hensley World
Edinburgh is 45th 😂 Its normally like 17th-23rd in global rankings
This list is bullshit
Kevin Chen
This list is a joke. Where did this guy even find these statistics?
nirA bokar
Without statistics..
Carlos Donayre
Total made up crap
Damian Rose
USA tops I know why they bye there spot that's why in Australia we have real University S real programs not fake
Hue Kids TV
Why Oxford is at down?
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