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Jaime Saavedra, Senior Director, | Jobs, Clean Water And Education: - At Up-Tube.com

Jaime Saavedra, Senior Director, Jobs, Clean Water and Education: 2 days ago   18:32

World Bank's Jaime Saavedra discusses the state of global education today and the remaining challenges.

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Roshie Kahandawela
Thank you posting this interview. it gives such a holistic view on education, the right to have a quality education.
Muhiddin Mugne
Thanks for getting chance to express my idea, I'm african doctor, who luckily won EEC(European Economic Community)Scholarship to study at University, thanks for that and today I'm senior general surgeon, continuing professional activity as volunteer in Lamu(Kenya). But what what I find in the World is that many money are spent for Africa, but the situation is going from the bad to the worse and from worse to the worst(what is demonstrating that is because of how many died & are going to dye in the Mediterranean Sea); And what You All are doing is what we call in Medicine Symptomatic-treatment, best treatment is called Etiologic-treatment, which needs improving Economical-situation by Investing and creating Jobs(That will improve local Life situation, inside the Country, will improve Mental situation, will improve the Healthcare-situation, will improve the Learning & the Education its self & will improve Country's population) but this not happening till now, why?! Is there still going on the Colonialism ?! That is what is needed to be ended and after that would be NO-fighting & Stabilized-Security which would facilitate Investments from different Countries, then Jobs creation and African Countries Economical Development, which's very-very important. That'e my Idea after studying African Problems.
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Jobs, Clean Water and Education: Jaime Saavedra, Senior Director, 2 days ago   02:05

http://www.worldbank.org/IDA: About 1 billion people worldwide struggle with extreme poverty; but things are changing for the better.

IDA, the World Bank's fund for the poorest, is supporting health care, education and other programs that will help lift more people out of poverty.