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Commercial for 1970 Camaro

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These early second generation Camaro's notoriously rusted out in a few years. Especially cars that were driven in the snow states.
Armpit Studios
What a horrible accent.
This is one of the best commercials ever.
Jean-philippe Lorrain
The 70-73 camaro is my favorite car ever!!
1970's models were the best looking ones. The 67 to 69s are a dime a dozen.
Is 11500 a good price for this?
pony car sucks, muscle car wins.
I actually liked the early second generation Camaro's a lot, especially the taillights on the 1970-73 Camaro's, I often feel they get overlooked in favor of the 1967-69 Camaro's
Samantha Pettitt
DON'T LIKE THE 70 Models, were built cheap and crappy
Salvador Fonzarelli Bruce Ramirez
Respond to this video... love classic stuff like this =] long live my fav Chevy =D
tyler bray
@Sirgromulus also if u check ur facts the stang was not ment to be a muscle car it was a cruizer camaro was muscle from the get go
tyler bray
@Sirgromulus ur a tard lol model t was powerd by a gm motor eat that ford fan boys
tawaka morrison
the camaro was being developed since 1960. besides the design taking so long they also couldn't decide on a name. it was almost released as the panther but changed it to camaro at the last moment.
Given that Mustang was the original pony car, I'll love my Camaro til I die =]
Linko's Vids
@straightedge442 I agree
I love all camaro but the 1993-2005
Rat Ghost
No doubt, Mustangs were all the rage and **thee** first "young people's" car for about 3 or 4 years. But after Camaros appeared on the scene, they quickly eclipsed Mustangs as the sport car of choice for the young adult.
I own it, I love it. The best car ever built.
@Coolkid89383 A "1970 AAR Cuda" Is easily 150X rarer :)

Camaros are the second most common muscle car to Mustangs from my experience.
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