The Best Goals In Football History Top 10 VIRAL Goal Celebrations 6 months ago   08:18


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Hello everyone! I think many of you already know about the new copyright rules on YouTube. Now UEFA and Premier League will delete channels with their content. For this reason, UEFA & Premier League footages will not be used in my edits. Most of my old videos are now in private mode for a while.
Anmol Bhandari
2:14 and 6:01were the best
multiple south africans YEBOO
joseph schneider
What a video
New Fitz
Krish Vaidya
Quaresma means trivela..
Like if you agree.
Krish Vaidya
Carlos is one of the greatest
Krish Vaidya
anime king india
Ibrahimovic is legend
anime king india
Amazing totti goal
5:30 impossible to redo.
DimitrisPlayer _ 7
Mehrab Zzaman
3.27..was that a goalkeeper performing a bicycle kick?😲😲
Bunnie Hellhill
mike .D
I Bots! Proof of this garbage,. Who with a brain would vote down on this ? Maybe Pele could as he only one in here. But seriously ..who else. . YouTube is a scam!
Hama_ Gaming
Messi vs espanyol?
Hama_ Gaming
As he is goalkeeper that the best goal
Re Emi
idk much about football but my dad once showed me some guy they called "Pixie", and he kicked the ball and it went right next to the free kick wall (is that what you call it?) like, while it was in the air it just went in a curve around the wall and he gave a goal to his team.
Imagaine cr7 doing that zlatan goal i bet he would scream so loud when doing his siiiiiiiii!!!
shibil sibi
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Top 10 VIRAL Goal Celebrations The Best Goals In Football History 6 months ago   03:55