Gary Neville gives passionate Jaap Stam on falling out with 2 days ago   10:46

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Gary Neville runs through the issues facing Man Utd and what structural changes he'd make to the club in order for it to improve its success in future seasons.

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Problem with United squad is lack of quality. You need a core of quality players. ATM just de gea and pogba. Maybe Lukaku. Problem with transfers is they don't always work. You can spend 40 million on a flop. Liverpool spent big on van dijk and it paid off. Like United signing Ferdinand years back.
Once you have a good core it's easier but United lack that and need an overhaul. I don't think it would take that long to turn it round. Sell 7 or 8 and sign 4 quality players. I think pogba should go. Good player but disliked by fans and former players so point of division at club with lot of history. He'll probably do well elsewhere.
Arlad Arlad
while he did not fair so well as a manager on his own Gary Neville basically sums up United's problem from top to bottom, you could argue that David Moyes was out of his depth somewhat in the role, but LVG and Jose Mourinho were both winners, at some point like he said it has to be brought to light that Woodward running the football side of it isn't working.

I wish the Glazers would put someone in charge at the top and put Woodward back in the business side of things. This would at least be a step in the right direction.
London Chime
Jose was right about player & management, felt sad for him. Pogba was a bad influence & Jose can't sign player he wanted, as was rejected by XXX, thus caused MU drifted further & further from Top 4 into 6!
Gary you are a shambles mate. You couldn't make it as coach so now you just criticize. Just stick to being a TV coach and leave the real coaching to men. You tosser
you dont like bitch?try not to stroggle to get used to united
Ong Xuanzong
Ed Woodward have to go! Bring someone that kno football
Cian Alexander
Am I the only person that read this and said "Gary Neville gives passionate must watch ana-...okthenskysports
The club definitely needs a better scouting, that's for sure!
OH my goodness. I hate United fans AND pundits. You people will moan and cry no matter who the coach or the players are. *_SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!_* 🤦🏽‍♀️Rashford is overrated and his skills.. well let's just say he better get good quick. Because he is not a striker. All of you fools were screaming "Ole at the wheel". You idiot fans will turn on him too. Yeah sure ...Ole's at the wheel but 🚗 with his learner's permit. He is not an experienced coach. Some of you are NOW saying 'well maybe Jose was right all along'. 🤦🏽‍♀️ ManUtd is no better on the table then they were when Jose was last there. *_So FOR THE LOVE OF ZLATAN SHUT UP ALREADY_* !!!
Robbie Stones
Teams not good enough but we are keeping Jones Mata rojo young
Carra & Nev, best footy pundits ever, both knowledgeable, experienced & entertaining :)
What spurs team are they talking about at the start
marco marco
good to see the sewer rats sinking
Stan Gable
Endless ridicule and embarrassment were the reason I could no longer carry on and had to walk away.
Man u had my support after the 1999 treble win but after the moyes and lvg debacles I decided to give up and switch my support to man city and boy am I glad that I did !
No longer am I the butt of all jokes from family friends and colleagues
Jamie B
Mourinho was a shocking appointment. Completely toxic individual. He fell out with everyone and he's willing to burn the house down on his departure
Mad Aboutsports
- Dean Henderson
- Diogo Dalot
- Victor Lindelof
- Luke Shaw
- Scott mc tominay
- Andreas Pereira
- Nemanja matic
- Daniel James
- Marcus Rashford
- Mason Greenwood
11 players who want to be in the club
Kunal Gadkar
Such a British conversation
geordie paul
To many average player's on big wages, a goalkeeper who holds the club to ransom every year ,a midfielder who can't get a start on 500k a week and player's who pick and choose when they will turn up
Benjamin Dada
you see when chelsea had it we were so successful
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Jaap Stam on falling out with Gary Neville gives passionate 2 days ago   35:18

Former Manchester United defender Jaap Stam reveals all on his move to Old Trafford, his infamous fallout with Sir Alex Ferguson and subsequent exit to Lazio

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