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Chris James - Black British | Ricky K's Laugh Out Loud Love - At Up-Tube.com

Chris James - Black British Ricky K's laugh out loud love 1 year ago   02:56

Laugh Factory
Chris James is black and has a British accent.

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Siva rajan
pop pop pop pop.... hilarious!!!
Amelia Pendragon
1:56 he sounds like Will from Inbetweeners 😂
1:09 I shouldn’t have laughed as much as I did at this
Bernadiñho Tezch
He's so attractive agh 😱
i love his ENGLISH!!!!!!
Terence Nordberg
Joey Perez
Do black british people say the n word though?
Vitor Rosa
This is racist
Ummh we gotta problem
He stole this from Stephen K Amos
Wotcha cocker. Fancy a drink?
Marquise’ Wrld
Ohhhhh he 21 Savage before the Savage 😂 got ya
Mariana Freitas
Ok but the tongue click though got me laughing out loud. Sounds like Xhosa man
anon for good
Their is nothing wrong with being, "black, black"
Jason Wilson
There is difference between speaking American English and queens English
will crow
Love it! 'Black unicorn!', , fantastic! This guy's awesome!!
He should be himself, true. But... if he would just combine the bass in his American accent with the British accent, no one would mess with him. The singsong voice is what would threw me off. He's not exactly a small dude.
Emmanuel Mitchell
Good chicken
Imhotep Publius
Kooning in front of audience that is at you as you tap dance. Shameful.
Althea Martin
Ello everybody, Ello to you reading this as well 🙃
Rosida Andriyana
Is he related to Lily Cinderella James?
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Ricky K's laugh out loud love Chris James - Black British 1 year ago   02:46

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