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Chris James is black and has a British accent.

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Jazy's Channel
I think he just started a YouTube channel I'll put the link for everyone. This guy is hilarious he needs to do more for real!
Pretty fish tank Pretty fish tank
On no , he just copied the "out out " micky line. Shame .💋 uk
Alejandro Marfil
People in The US are so ignorant
Kurtis Jeremiah
When I came over to visit my family in New York once, a lot of black people were surprised over my English accents too XD.
I was going through this too. I dropped the accent.
Block Dude
You ain't mah brudda
The chicken restaurant bit is differently something Family Guy would do as a cut away.
Eunice K
hilarious as fuck 😂
Ochre Wave
Black black
I’m black and I have a British accent
aworldofsalsa awos
That’s a classic!
Dr Redd
He has a great American voice impression
fur king el
killed it
Al Gus
To be fair you don’t exactly sound British mate.
f mck
This is the shit that snowflakes in America should understand.
Innocent Nkurunziza
julio carlos
The contrast is too damn high. LOOOOL
Vin Chavez Castro
"African tribal *click* Black"
Michelle Lilo
this always makes me laugh, no matter how many times i've watched it!
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Ricky K's laugh out loud love Chris James - Black British 10 months ago   02:46

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