Dozens Charged in Scam to Cheat DOJ Prosecuting Its Largest College Admissions 2 days ago   04:12

Wall Street Journal
Federal prosecutors detailed a more than $25 million scam to help wealthy families bribe their way into elite colleges. The scheme allegedly involved bogus exam scores and falsified athletic achievements.

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Jadde K. Astrie
Extremely embarrasing and hilarious.
Jadde K. Astrie
Justice need to be served.
Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth
Once IN they Still have to maintain a GPA! There is More to this!
Space Cat
Low White IQs.
Remote Control
This likely explains why there are boneheads with college degrees.
unpaid troll
what the real news that they are hiding is.. a lot of these "kids" are actually CIA assets' children.. looking to become the next generation of "leaders" with their fake degrees. Betcha AOC also bought her way through college. she is dumb as dirt and cant even answer simple 5th grade civics questions.
Steve Fink
Overall, college campuses are jokes
dog bounty
so who are the 700 Singer helped game the system?
They need to audit the whole system.
Moksha Mahey
If this is what the fbi chooses to investigate they have too many resources
Fred Pfeifer
Federal prosecutors are making a big fuss out of nothing. If Donald Trump vowed to run the country like a business, there is no reason why the Ivy League universities are not allowed to run the university admission like a business. Just think about how much the GDP the money turning around and the flow of it creates in the process of running the university admission.
After in a land of hustler and hustling, meritocracy is but a euphemism for moneyocracy, and good grades are worthy of and shall be exchanged for good greed.
Pentium Penguin & Pigeon
It's totally fine to me. first of all, Riches always get what they wanted. It's not a big deal for rich parents wanting their dumb kids to go to college. Second of all, how can you scam a scammer? College is one of the biggest scammers out there.
Magi Kingdebater
I believe in education. I have heard people complain of affirmative action. Yet, these students that benefit from these programs meet the qualification to be a student at these institutions. In other words ,No scam.

The parent of these privileged kids do not believe their kids have the ability to qualify. The rich parents pay and set up a fail proof situation for their children.

Yet they are the first one to try and say minorities don't deserve to be there. I am glad to see some people are actually being exposed.
Certain passes work against equality.
Peggy Ghirardello
Sure be more ten fifty when it's a ll over Lori felicity aren't only rig celebrities they haven't released anymore names yet curious to e all names
Jason b
700 sounds more like it!
Stella Maris
Higher education in the United States is an optional final stage of formal learning following secondary education.

Higher education (also referred to as post-secondary education, third stage, third level, or tertiary education) occurs most commonly at one of the 4,360 Title IV degree-granting institutions (either colleges or universities) in the country.

These may be public universities, private universities, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, or for-profit colleges.

Higher education in the United States is loosely regulated by a number of third-party organizations that vary in quality.

High visibility issues include rising tuition and increasing student loan debt, unfair admissions, greater use of online education, competency-based education, free speech and hate speech, fraternity hazing, campus sexual assault, cutbacks in state and local spending, the adjunctification of academic labor, and student poverty and hunger.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and National Student Clearinghouse, US college enrollment has declined since a peak in 2010-11 and is projected to continue declining (or be stagnant) for the next two decades.

This decline, partially attributable to falling birth rates and fewer foreign students, amounts to 2.9 million fewer students than in 2010–11.

Strong research and funding helped American universities dominate global rankings in the early 21st century, making them attractive to international students, professors and researchers.

Other countries, however, are now offering incentives to take away researchers, as funding is threatened.

As a result, the US dominance of international tables has lessened.

The United States higher education system has also been blighted by fly-by-night schools, diploma mills, visa mills, and predatory for-profit colleges.

According to Pew Research Center and Gallup poll surveys conducted in 2017, public opinion about US colleges has been declining, especially, but not exclusively, to Republicans and the white working class.

The higher education industry has been criticized for being unnecessarily expensive, providing a difficult-to-measure service which is seen as vital but in which providers are paid for inputs instead of outputs, and which is beset with federal regulations which drive up costs, and with payments not coming from users but from third parties.

In 2018, a Pew survey found that 61 percent of those polled said that US higher education was headed in the wrong direction.

For generations, US education was unique in its emphasis on Liberal Arts education in its higher education curriculum, but this emphasis has been waning for more than five decades, and there is growing skepticism about its utility.

The US is unique in its investment in highly competitive NCAA sports, particularly in American football and basketball, with large sports stadiums and arenas.
Ian Grant
We all would like the best for our children; the elite are no exception. People are just people.....
MR George
The only thing bugging me is 15k sounds not right Newport Beach is a white wealth residents of la crowd . So 15k means like 1k in Los Angeles . So I’m highly doubt these amounts . I should’ve been over 100k . Colleges are prestigious - parents are loaded and eager to show off their breeds successes
Love-4- Life
And they all are liberals
Shad GotEm
Sooo have the kids already graduated or will they have to retake the sat orrrrrrr what?
Jonathan Vanboskerck
If schools were still in the business of meaningfully grading students this would never have happened.
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DOJ Prosecuting Its Largest College Admissions Dozens Charged in Scam to Cheat 2 days ago   17:06

50 people are being prosecuted after the DOJ uncovered a multimillion dollar alleged scheme funded by wealthy parents to bribe their children’s way into elite universities. Stephanie Ruhle is joined by Time Magazine Editor-at-Large Anand Giridharadas, Politics Editor for Jason Johnson, and Republican Strategist Rick Tyler to break down if this story will do anything about a system that already favored the wealthy.
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DOJ Prosecuting Its Largest College Admissions Cheating Scheme Ever | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC