Ukraine strenghtens naval forces Why Ukraine is trapped in endless conflict 1 day ago   03:37

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One of the pressing issues at the G20 summit is the rising tension between Moscow and Kyiv. Martial law has been put in effect in the Ukraine, Russia deployed missile systems in Crimea, President Trump’s summit snub of Vladimir Putin, a lot has happened in less than a week since Russian security services fired on and captured 3 small Ukrainian navy vessels heading through the Kerch strait. Our correspondent Nick Connolly has been to Mariupol, the front line port city for Ukraine's fleet to investigate.

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I could take out all those newbs in Metal gear solid 2
super natural
How come the e.u won't help Ukraine??
zack trever
I doubt humanity will survival if there is another Cold War

There were one to many near-catastrophic incidence of all-out nuclear deployment from both sides during the original Cold War.

We are sleep-walking to our dooms if we dont question our leaderships motives and agenda...

We were too lucky before (during cold war)
This is obviously why the 'incident' happened in the first place. Consolidate power before elections and get the political and military ducks in a row
zonest want war like Israel That is thare way of downing business after world war 2 , Ukraine nover been INDEPENDENT county , ukrine should live no Zonest NATO Eropen only like kill people make them Reach same with Zonest USA Bouth are one , Ukraine should NO RUSSIA KEEP OUT HAVE INDEPENDENT FORAN POLICY KEEP ALL ZONEST OUT UKRAINE YOU WILL LIVE IN PEACE .
Richard Henry
The drop in the economy is due to the EU restricting trade with Ukraine. Sounds that the US supported dictatorship is really hurting the people with stripping them of freedom and democracy
Skankhunt 42
Lol you cant blame Russia for this. Civilian ships are crossing the straight daily, they're just nod heading for Ukraine. If you wonder why you should first properly inform yourself about Ukraine. It's pityful in the eyes of any real democrate, yet most who call themselves democratic (Europe) do not care a bit about inner politics of Ukraine.
That's quite unusual if you'd ask countries like Jugoslavia, Afghanistan, Lybia and Iraq, isn't it?
I mean we told them it's all about democracy...
DW liars
Back off PUTIN. Leave Ukraine alone!
Виктор -
BBC continue to lie now. Ukraina first detained russian Nord. Not russians ukrainen ships. BBC incridebly biggest lier on Earth
Mr. Rusvector
Poroshenko and all the Ukraine project is a western puppet show to provoke Russia to open fire. Then Russia will be accused of opening fire. Russia was only good at Yeltsin times when the west was kicking any door in Russia without asking permission. According to the western (UK/US) Law Russia is always guilty even if proven innocent.
As a Russian, of all things on earth most of all I fear "protection" from the Kremlin imperialist mafia. Most of all I want to see NATO or US forces in the Black Sea and Azov region. Please come and contain the Kremlin mafia, or better, defeat them, like you did in Syria in February, and liberate the territories they have occupied in blatant defiance of international law, establishing fascism and lawlessness there. Such a defeat might accelerate the liberation of Russia proper from the terrorist gang of international war criminals and thieves, who have already murdered dozens of thousands within Russia and abroad.
william killingsworth
Point the Finger, blame the other, watch the temple topple over.

People u are being tricked into fighting.

The Devil has u in his grasp, you are now his tool of destruction
Dark Lord
Ukraine just a failed state, run by cia, Putin correct. Ukraine part of Russia, very soon Baltic countries also join Russia,
Acting tough is easy but can you bear the consequences? Be careful when you mess with the Bears....... Poro is trying to drag US and EU/NATO into fighting for them. Get the US, not NATO, to fight with Comrade Russia… Just send them a Topol-M for Trumpsgiving will ya!!!
Russian tanks just 11 miles from the border? Russia will invade right up to the river in Kiev within 2 days but by then there’ll be nothing left in Kiev…..
Postpone the Election…. Postpone the Election…. Postpone the Election…. That’s the whole idea isn’t it? You bomb them; you get them... plain and simple. Putin has warned this many time
Reading this you find the Russian spies. I'm going to just say it; Russia annexed Crimea illegally.
paul chigbu
Russia could probably blow it out of the water.
Filip Uusimaki
You think russia Would invade Finland like they did in ww2??
Igor Meltser
Fascist Ukranian regime, backed by the fascist West.
spirit horse
Relax I'm not gonna kill Ukraine
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Why Ukraine is trapped in endless conflict Ukraine strenghtens naval forces 1 day ago   04:25

The ceasefire is completely ignored.

Correction: In a previous version, the Russian Empire at 2:31 did not include Finland and northern Kazakhstan and at 2:34 the map mistakenly depicted the Warsaw Pact members, not the Soviet Union.

At 2:03 the Minsk II agreement refers to the separatist enclaves as "certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine" not the DPR and LPR.

Russian Empire:
Soviet Union:

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The present conflict in Ukraine started in 2014. Today, there are 100,000 fighters stationed in the country, making it one of the most heavily militarized regions in the world. In Ukraine's east, Ukrainian forces are engaged in a struggle with Russian-backed separatists.

A ceasefire was called in 2015, with a security zone established that was meant to foster peace. However, today the security zone remains one of the most violent places in the Ukraine. With over 10,000 deaths to date, and over 1.5 million civilians displaced, the cost of ignoring the ceasefire continues to mount by the day. And both sides are still building up their forces.

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