Merry Christmas Drake & Josh Drake and Josh - Bloopers/Outtakes 3 months ago   00:54

This video is the best I've ever seen!
do not miss the movie on 5 december 2008!

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Joey Thomson
I think I missed it😂😂 but that movie was the best of that year
Saskia & Zara X
This song is freaking awesome!!!!!
ciaragirl mbavlover
I didn't know Drake wore glasses till I saw pictures of him online. I never see him wear glasses on tv though.
Nadine Hamdan
this is sooooo old i want another one!
In the end, where it shows Drake and Josh singing backstage, you can obviously tell that Drake is in love with Josh.
Chester til I die
thunbs up if awsome
Maya S
fleeg igna quishnies!
Seneca Nicholson
;) cool guys
Jayashree Roopchand
Fleeg iga flishtib!
Mai Mostafa
I like this song sooooooooo much
What's up NOW!!
RaJ Beats
@shieldsunidimensi i watch it on netflix
RaJ Beats
@ForeverBiebz for realz?
I'm sorry but I don't understand :/
ig iga flishty XD
genesiss xo
i mean 0:17
genesiss xo
hahaha 0:18
Michelle Barth
♥♥♥ So good!!!
Michelle Barth
I like this video!!!
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Drake and Josh - Bloopers/Outtakes Merry Christmas Drake & Josh 3 months ago   05:15

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