US and China resume trade negotiations How is CHINA challenging the AMERICAN EMPIRE? 2 months ago   04:04

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China says it's willing to work together with the US to resolve the year-long trade dispute between the two countries. The foreign ministry expressed optimism as trade negotiations resumed in Beijing. A delegation of US officials including the deputy US trade representative, Jeffrey Gerrish, are holding the first bilateral negotiations since US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping agreed to a 90-day truce in their trade war last month. Trump had initially imposed import tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of Chinese goods to pressure Beijing to change its practices on issues ranging from state subsidies to hacking. China retaliated with tariffs of its own. Markets in Asia posted gains hoping for progress in the talks.

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Zilong Li
A might be relevant trivium: In Chinese stock markets, red means an increased price, green means decreases. It's the opposite of the American markets.
In the short term, trade war inflicts more pain on China. But in the long run, with its large market, state of art infrastructure, large number of STEM graduates, strength in manufacture& supply chain, China will outlast its competitors. Seriously, US can't manufacture pretty much anything without the help from China's supply chain. Smartest American kids go to medical and law schools. No one is interested in engineering and math. The infrastructure here is crumbling...the list goes on. I applaud Trump's effort in bringing back manufacture jobs. However, trade war and tariff will only push those jobs to cheaper places like Vietnam and Thailand. But at the same time, you are increasing the prices on the basic stuffs that would affect the poor the most.
Chloe Lin
There will be social unrest if there are no cheaper Chinese goods for poor Americans who can only afford to buy from the dollar shops!
Kwokman Lam
They are all 3rd level US officials .It will get nothing done anyway . Have some Peking ducks,take a tour and go home !
Kalmilon yweng
That breathing 1:04 lol
Devesh Bhosale
The problem is china gets payments on time and hence they just mass produce....just delay their payments by having a unified payment system mechanism where all US citizens pay their GOV. for chinese product and the US pays it to china
Alex Zhao
It seems that US needs China more than China needs US.Could you image that US has trying to begging communist Country.what a irony
shannon newman
We in the USA are tired of china stealing intellectual property and so on , I say stop all trade with China ,Look at what The CCP is doing "The Chinese Communist Party " (CCP) , Then move on with trade negotiations.
Sabelo Trevyn
Is this the beginning of peace?? Or world war 3 emerging
DW News
What results will the trade negotions bring for China and the USA?
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How is CHINA challenging the AMERICAN EMPIRE? US and China resume trade negotiations 2 months ago   15:01

America is the 20th and 21st century’s empire. There is no region on the planet where America has not the strongest military presence, with bases on the most remote islands of the Pacific. This hegemony has created a landscape where no other country dares to attack American army. But this ‘Pax Americana’ could stop one day... at least on the Indian Ocean.
Since years, China has been building alliances with neighbouring countries to create a string of military bases. From South China Sea to Africa and Middle East, China is expanding their presence. Why? They need to guarantee their trade routes. They cannot take the risk of other countries like India blocking their supply of raw materials. This is why they need to have the military supremacy on this region. This is the so-called ‘String of Pearls’ project, A.K.A. the Maritime Belt and Road Initiative.
And, as you can imagine, this is one of Washington’s main concerns. Why? Why is this a threat to America? In this video, we will answer to those questions.

*Written by Sophia Sestini

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