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Cars, Costs and Technology
Here is a complete year by year breakdown and buyer's guide for the seventh generation (C7) Corvette! In this video we'll be discussing every model release and yearly changes from 2014 to 2019. Not every minor change or feature will be listed in this video. I'll primarily focus on larger changes and guidelines to help you determine what Corvette suits you best. Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or concerns that aren't addressed in the video. Thanks for watching!

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Cars, Costs and Technology
Who's taking advantage of the huge discounts on C7 Corvettes right now? I'd love to pick up a 2018 Grand Sport for Christmas 👌 Thanks for watching!

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A youtuber with a 2019 Z06 tested it on the track and it still overheats :(
James Bradley
Excellent review, really clears things up😎👍🏻
2lt adds premium audio over 1lt. You missed that.
Dennis Murphey
Thank You helped me home in on the right Corvette for my budget. $45,000. I found a 2014 3LT Z51 MRC Coupe A6 with only 5,000 miles, I am thrilled.
youngestson 65
Very informative. 👍🏽
youngestson 65
Very very informative video. Appreciate the info very much. 👍🏾👍🏾
Erwin Gonzalez
What is a good c7 basic model
R Mack
Very informative and well done video. Thanks.
Jamal Uddin
I did just grabbed a 2019 grand sport
38k-45k what corvette to buy? whats the value and whats the best performance?
awesome video man great comparison. SUBSCRIBED
Ed Payette
Does anyone know if the 2019 grand sport comes standard with the magnetic suspension?
..just me
This was just what I needed without needing to go over and over lists of stuff on Chevy's website or something, thanks =)
Its too bad they didnt keep the round taillights...would go well with the 4 round tip exhaust out back I think..
I'm thinking about a Z06 2 yrs old so I'll have at least a yrs warranty left.
Anthony Sorrentino
Went with the 2019 Grand sport 2lt. Didn’t want the base & couldn’t afford the Z06 or ZR1.
Thanks for allowing me to get a good overview of the entire C7 lineup to present. I have a 2013 C6 and haven't had a chance to really catch up with the C7 model lineup. Now I feel up to date. I sat in a 2016 Z06 with 2LZ. It's a awesomely advanced super car without the fickle, faceless and uber expensive servicing of a Euro of similar performance. And, like mine at it's inception, it's a fraction of the cost of anything equivalent from Europe. And probably a helluva lot more reliable. I know mine's been extremely reliable after 6 years of nearly constant driving.
Nihad Keso
Does the grand sport and z06 use the same 8 speed tranny?
Chuck Mailhot
Great Video, but listening through 4 commercials during and after...that's getting bad! Do you, as Cars, Costs and Technology allow this?
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