Blazers will be 'embarrassed' by how easy Lakers can rebuild with 4th pick, 2 days ago   06:15

Tim Legler joins SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt to do a film breakdown of the Golden State Warriors' 116-94 Game 1 win over the Portland Trail Blazers. Legler highlights the ease with which Steph Curry and Klay Thompson got their shots off against the Blazers' defense. Doris Burke also joins SVP to reflect on Game 1 of the Western Conference finals, saying the Blazers didn't have enough energy after their seven-game series with the Denver Nuggets.

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Totally Radical
You could tell the series was over before it began. The Blazers were playing out of their element. They had no shot to win the series even With Durant not playing. Hard to win games when your best two players totally shut down in the second half and you can't rebound as a team. I mean they got 30+ from Meyers F'ing Leonard last night and still couldn't win. Blazers played like a 6 seed that snuck in on the weak side of the bracket.
Kanter is a notoriously bad defender, Dame is also pretty bad so the warriors will have a easy time unless the Blazers get insanely hot in offense.
The warriors need better compitition to be more prepared for their next championship. They have to be in good shape to smoke cigars soaked in flying champaign.
jacques webster
Curry still the best player since 14/15 😊
Fernando Patino
If the warriors can keep the core together and pick up a nice player per year they will LEGENDARY Longevity is the key to winning You have 3 players that can score 40 50 60 any given time. And all rest in the 4th wtf You be the leader the first half. And I’ll take it the third we play Rock Paper Scissors for the 4 th let the bench develop for next year eAsy money
Steven Washington
Real Conspiracy Wow!
If Portland plays well I can see warriors winning in 3
Shooter Sanoff
Kevon Looney screen and 3 points.. I was like wtf thats how they are guarding them? Is it February 27th of the regular season. Good luck next year Porland
Nelody Alston
Not comparing the bucks to the blazers or the celtics to the warriors but we seen last round a team get blown out (at home btw) and come back to shut shit down. JS
Shaun McClendon
The Warriors is too much for this team.....
Its clear what the problem is, kantar needs to be benched, replace him w harkless at center, then they can guard the perimeter and deal with switches better
Billy Boudin
And people wanted to talk shit about the Rockets? Man the warriors are going to annihilate the lame ass blazers and any team from the East. The only team that had a remote chance was Houston.
Ralph Reyes
Houston Rockets put a better fight than this lousy Blazer team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great job Portland coaching staff 😭😭😭 yall sucked in game 1
liu travis
It's pretty easy to understand, this portland team is good but they are built exactly like the 14-16 warriors, with a large discount, whatever you are doing the warriors can do better with flairs, no matter how good you think your players are, the warriors have a much better version playing the same position, the matchup became a simple calculation, it does not matter KD is around or not, the warriors always had and will always have your number.
Uchawi Beatz
Tim is the man!
Nahbro Bro
Tim Francis
Portland doesn't have the game to beat them and the Bucks don't have the experience, this might very well be the easiest ring they get. If they roll through Portland in 5 or a sweep that will carry them right through the Bucks in the same fashion. I love KD, but I have to say their motion offense these last two games, going back to their 73 win season, is the most beautiful basketball I've ever seen.
Ali Hu Chyad
i said it in game 7 denver is a tougher matchup for golden state
Chicago773 Williams
Blazers some bums
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Lakers can rebuild with 4th pick, Blazers will be 'embarrassed' by how easy 2 days ago   10:18

Nick Wright joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the New Orleans Pelicans winning the No.1 pick and what that means for Zion Williamson. The Los Angeles Lakers can rebuild with the No.4 overall draft pick. Plus, Nick and Colin agree Steph Curry and the Warriors are better without Kevin Durant.

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Lakers can rebuild with 4th pick, Nick Wright says Warriors are better without KD | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd