The Best Player in the NBA Draft No One Is Talking Pampanga's Bandurria | Local Legends 2 months ago   13:22

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Trevor Peal
He might hurt his knee because he’s so tall like Ming I think that’s why he went so late
Jon Coda
Okay, Algorithm I watched it... and I'm a believer now.
Ej Pardines
Yao ming left the chat

Hehehe just kidding Yao ming was a beast.
JWAC Gaming and Collectibles
watch Bol Bol and Nikola Jokic destroy the league in the next few seasons. And nobody dare sleep on Michael Porter Jr. Kid's gonna be good
don't care
he a stretch.
Nino Pilapil
*when you realize bol bol is a better 3 point shooter than ben simmons*
Faze_moreno09 BTW
When he said “ you stop when you have no more vc and you got bol bol “😂
Bol Bol's draft comparison should have been Manute.
miko St-Martin
Are you his agent?
Jovit Diaz
My bols is hanging 7'2" is that count?
King Slurpo
i’m from south sudan 💀
Gagu Malhi
Electric stick
..their gentics are like wooden stick no wide chest or body,,give your legs only 5 inch hahaha
Corey Britton, jr
Who’s here after he got drafted 44
Wiggins Brown
only thing that pornzigis has in comparison is height . The fact that we have only seen very little of him maybe the 3! But Bol is more like a slower KD. He moves like he has been training with KD personally. Oyea he did. Pornzigis is still nobody. HAS NOT played 1 full season.
Branson Novsam
Why is tall people leg so long
I wanna see bol bol vs taco fall
Raptor Alex
ethnic dyversity? an all black country is homogenous at least lmao
Snoop Hog
Duuude I’ve been telling everyone how dominant bol bol is but everyone is too focused on Zion. In my opinion I think bol bol will be a great nba player
jomarson milien
Watching this as a heat fan makes me want to kill myself
Just got the news.. Bol Bol is moving to the point guard position
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Pampanga's Bandurria | Local Legends The Best Player in the NBA Draft No One Is Talking 2 months ago   28:22

"Local Legends" features the story of bandurria maker Dante de Guzman. He recalls how he learned to build bandurria and how he started working at Bandilla Musical Instruments Company. Then, he shows the process of building a bandurria. Later, he talks about the health risks associated with his job that caused his brother's death and why China poses a threat to the local musical instruments market. Finally, he shares how his town's guitar-making tradition is being passed on to the next generation.

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