Sick Day Morning Routine Fun Sisters Pretend Play With 3 months ago   05:10

In this video we do a pretend routine of what happens when we're sick and stay home from school.

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Michelle Tweddle
John Lyp
Doreen Wilson Wilson
4:27 There's no soup
Jesus Nambo
This is all fake
jayveon dudley
Hope you get. Better
Landon Newman
You sound bad
Andrew Cody
Gurung Dai
When they were drinking soup there’s nothing
Matt Wooten
Brian Adams
Way I love this video did the best video you made like didn't the only video I like in not clintie so you should make more videos like this make more if you don't you're gonna be so get again I will a kill you if you go in I'm serious so don't give a question me are maybe I will call you if you go big more videos like this so can you hear me
Husnain Rana
K the main reason pYou p
Sasha Smith
Luv it
Etta Seatts
i how you get better
Noemi Martinez
Samantha Renner
lol at 3:36 they are like DANCE DANCE DANCE
Baidaa M
Baidaa M
I am 🤒
Efrem Harvey
Ss I saw×n oh
Terra Griffin
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Fun Sisters Pretend Play With Sick Day Morning Routine 3 months ago   06:50

Greedy Granny Kids Pretend


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