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Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields? | Pyro Board: 2D Rubens' Tube! - At Up-Tube.com

Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields? Pyro Board: 2D Rubens' Tube! 2 months ago   13:53

Research has found some human brains can pick up on rotations of geomagnetic-strength fields as evidenced by drops in alpha wave power following stimulus. For more, see https://ve42.co/magneto

Huge thanks to:
Prof. Shinsuke Shimojo, Connie Wang, and Isaac Hilburn, plus Prof. Joe Kirschvink. Their lab: https://ve42.co/maglab

Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd

Additional filming by Whitney Clavin

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I guess this explains Why drunk people come back to home without even knowing how.
Alejandro Gurrola
Like many others born from the time of the Thomas Guide, a solid grasp on which way is North may be attributed to subconscious magnetic sensitivity as well as spatial memory. In the era of GPS, though, it's going to be less preferable than it once was.
Charles Banxton
i saw something like that counterclockwise blue swirl, yesterday while listening to a specific frequency (might have been 417hz music). thought i may have been fainting, but my consciousness didn't fade like fainting. so pretty cool to see a computerized depiction of something similar.

note: i was listening with a jbl box speaker pressed between the upper back of my head and couch.
Norla Vine
Ryker Quackenbush

YouTube Acadaemia.
If we could be consciously aware of magnetic fields then maybe we could have a sort of built-in compass. That would be cool but it might also be kind of useless since we already have external compasses.
Python Animations
So this is how future vr will work
Rocky Williams
Great video. It's sad the nice scientist has to specify this doesn't support all the crazy theories :( lol
@Veritasium Could you make a video about 5G, how it will change the world and also argue whether it can harm people or not through radiation? I've heard arguments for and against.
amazing, I knew I always would try to figure out where was north related to my position, once I told to my girlriend that I often would locate my self using the stars at night and she called me weird and creppy HAHAHAHAHA guess I'm only human
Michael Murphy
5:08 Yes! I am glad they mentioned that
Michael Murphy
really good intro
David S. Hasanli
Blue giant))
Joao Gomes
well if technology would make our magnetic senses useless wouldn't affect domestic dogs as well? i mean they are as exposed as we are and they have suffer bigger genetic variations than us .
so your telling me i can move metal with my mind... cool , got it , thanks....... I AM MAGNETO!!!
We're the only species that knows of Magnetic Fields
We're also one that can't feel them...

Are you laughing now Nature?
So if I ever get lost, hiking in the forest with my dog, all I need to do is wait for him to poop to orient myself?
cyborg_165 HDO
Eye Am GPS...
Peter Staltare
Could you technically get motion sickness from that machine?
Lalit Kumar
Ancestors knows direction through sunrise and sunset 🤔🤔
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Pyro Board: 2D Rubens' Tube! Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields? 2 months ago   06:34

Standing waves of fire!
Check out Audible: http://bit.ly/AudibleVe
Fysikshow: http://bit.ly/Fysikshow - I'm hosting Michio Kaku in Melbourne ONLY: http://bit.ly/VeKakuTickets

Rubens' Tube is an awesome demo and here we take it to the next level with a two-dimensional 'Pyro Board'. This shows unique standing wave patters of sound in the box.

The pressure variations due to the sound waves affect the flow rate of flammable gas from the holes in the Pyro Board and therefore affect the height and colour of flames. This is interesting for visualizing standing wave patterns and simply awesome to watch when put to music. Thank you to Sune Nielsen and everyone at Aarhus for sharing this demonstration with me! And thanks for having me at your conference.

Music by Kevin MacLeod, www.Incompetech.com "Ice Flow"

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