Best Premier League Goals David De Gea vs Tottenham (Away) - The Great 4 weeks ago   05:46

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Watch some of the best goals scored in the premier league season 2018/19 so far
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Shawccer TV
Guys i could not include few goals due to copyright issues ......
Hope u liked the video .
Elvis Kimara
Ramsey shows class
Elvis Kimara
Ramsey shows class
thiago sharaa10
ramsey had sored best goal
Johannes Strömback
Sturridge is the best for the super-sub category
Kacper Krawczuk
Townsend Seri and Gylfi best ones
DATO 拿督傑克777
Great video. The first goal already with Peter Drury commentary 👍🏻
joe murrell
This whole comment section is not showing the respect to David Silvas free kick, that thing was perfection
Muhammed Parker
Definitely Townsend! Reminiscent of Rooneys goal against Newcastle 04/05 season. Fire!🔥🔥🔥
Mbongeni Leo
Townsend : goal of the season
Eric Ndigah
auba's goal🔥🔥
Not a Man City fan but Kyle wankers was awesome but Townsend wins
Townsend won it
Awin Satrio Wibowo
Towsend rocket was the best i think 🔥
Delmah Shorwa
Thank you
Lil M
The moment Townsend scored that goal I was like goal of the year early determined
4:52 .. Nothing so special!

Neves goal was far better.
Mirzeli Asilbeyli
Neves come on City❤
Ollie Kendall
I think sturridge goal was better than townsends
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David De Gea vs Tottenham (Away) - The Great Best Premier League Goals 4 weeks ago   06:37

All About UNITED

David De Gea vs Tottenham (Away) - The Great Wall
Tottenham vs Manchester United (13/01/2019)

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