Film Theory: How Disney RUINED Film Theory: Why The Star Trek 4 weeks ago   12:41

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Solo gave us the history of our favorite con-man, but what Star Wars didn't know was that it also revealed the TRUTH about Han Solo's skills...or lack of skills. He CAN'T fly a ship! That's right, Han Solo is NOT the best pilot in the galaxy! Today, Loyal Theorists, we are PROVING that Han Solo has no flying skills at ALL!

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Using Rey as someone who's never piloted before and good at it isn't a very good example because her character is a Mary Sue.

She learned to use a Jedi mind trick and the force as well as lightsaber combat in the span of like 2 weeks and perfected it.
Ben Maguire
Ehm... There's a Canon book that is the prequel to the force awakens that explains the fact that Rey had managed to find a flight simulator while scavenging and had practised extensively and had even fully repaired and flew a ship which was later stolen from her.
Jayakrishnan R
5:21 haymitch
Adam Richmond-Coggan
Actually, Rey's entire life revolved around scavenging and using a flight simulation machine. That was her free time
Cory Lewis
And that's why I read the pre-Disney Expanded Universe (rebranded as Legends). Han (not to mention Luke, Leia, Lando, etc.) is freakin' awesome!
Owl Studios
I don’t care if other people have said this but a cannon book said that ray has trained in a simulator and was good at it. Just a point
Harley Verheij
I like how people are going “ she’s a navigational droid not a pilot droid” but let’s be real here if you plug a highly advanced and smart AI droid mind in a spaceship it could fly it
Amy Waller
You try smuggling for the rest of your life do the kessel run in twelve parceps get frozen in carbonite for a year with a bounty on your head fighting against storm troopers later to be killed by your son sorry I raged
Matthew Fallon
What does l337 mean anyway
Amy Waller
He does not suck I bet he could shoot your face of nad he’s not a lie sorry I got raged
Amy Waller
That’s stupid
Amy Waller
First of all what do you know about Star Wars what Do you mean Han Solo is a lie
Disney ruined Star Wars in general 😒
Elijah Buchanan
Make a theory on HOW DOES HAN SOLO KNOW WHAT A FALCON IS!!! as in millennium falcon
Stock Brazen
Yeah but lando put L337 into the nav computer meaning that all she can do is chart maps as you see in the movie lando is reading directions to han and he still has to fly the falcon also not to mention han pulls off multiple incredible maneuvers which involve killing the massive space squid and a couple of tie fighters with the environment and the literal ship its self and although you make a good point the biggest opposition to it is if L337 is that good why does anybody fly it why isnt it always on auto-pilot for every single movie and action sequence the answer because shes not flying the falcon shes only plotting courses and making maps
Isn’t L3 a navigation droid, not a piloting droid?
Buster Bear
Han said the SHIP made the run, not that he personally did it.
Iron Fox
But I approve!
Steel Phoenix
Han can fly perfectly fine. He was kicked from the academy because he disobeyed doctrine, he had to be uniform when he flies with his wingmen. He has a mind of his own said the trailer. And the nav computer has interplanetary routes. It doesn’t pilot the ship in atmosphere
Evan Fuller
When Han died...

Did anyone actually care?
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Film Theory: Why The Star Trek Film Theory: How Disney RUINED 4 weeks ago   14:17

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This week I’m boldly going where Film Theory has gone before...straight into the Star Trek universe! This week, it’s all about what we REALLY know about the so-called “benevolent” Federation. Sure, we all want to trust the Captain Kirk will always do the right thing, or that Captain Picard’s shiny bald head is really a beacon of hope in the universe, but what it isn’t? Today’s theory shows that there’s evidence to point to the Federation as something other than a peaceful exploration mission. That actually, the Federation is a fascist system who’s set out to control other species in the universe and convert them to their own propaganda-filled perspective!

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