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Solo gave us the history of our favorite con-man, but what Star Wars didn't know was that it also revealed the TRUTH about Han Solo's skills...or lack of skills. He CAN'T fly a ship! That's right, Han Solo is NOT the best pilot in the galaxy! Today, Loyal Theorists, we are PROVING that Han Solo has no flying skills at ALL!

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Lifey-Rifey- Boi
Thanos can't snap, hawkeye can't shoot, han can't fly..

Next theory is matpat can't come up with original ideas
Ryan Warrender
Matpat your theorys are what is called by police detective's as tunnel theorys you look at a certain amount of evidence and go with that and don't even bother with the rest of the evidence you claim you do but really you don't you need to leen back a bit and look at the bigger picture just some advice for your future theorys
Ryan Warrender
OK big brain time
Actually in the star wars book "before the awakening" the book states that Ray has a flight simulation helmet that allows her to fly a A wing combined with the fact she can use the force I think she would be able to pull off the falcons signature move without L3-37 guide her
Also L3-37 is a reference to the cell block (1337) that han and luke said they were taking chewbacca from to the cell block next door to princess leia
Lucas Reynolds
I know I sound salty but Han was kicked out of the Imperial academy because he had a mind of his own. Yes that could mean he sucked at flying but the empire is pretty strict so even making jokes could get him kicked out. And with the train area the flying bikes are tugging on the crate and the ship so he would have difficulty turning and even if the flying bikers left the crate would probably have hit the mountain causing it to explode. Another thing is when we see Han in the first chase scene when he is about to pull of the fly sideways trick you can see in the previous scene that the hovercraft is damaged so the bits of scraping of the pipe in the gap could have damaged it even more causing it to break down. Final thing l337 or whatever her name is, is a navigation droid so yes she would give Han the plan but Han would still have to fly. But hey that's just a theory a counter argument theory
Will Shane
Aaaaaaand this is why disney starwars is garbage, they continuously ruin the characters we know and love just for the sake of more "subversiveness"....and a quick buck gor the company.
Stereotypical Canadian
here is a brain nugget if starship shields are see-through how do they stop lasers
Bob Bob
he was still ok
Daniela Stadler
In the Comics Han Flys other ships very good
Well, I didn't like Star Wars anyways
I think there are some things to consider here:
1. Based on there being as many ships in the galaxy as there are cars on our planet, you could assume they have video games, and ones that simulate flying. I wouldn't put Han out of playing video games. He has a chess board in the main area of the ship. I would imagine they have casinos and arcades in this world.
2. The ship definitely has capabilities, but they are no different than the tech we have today. I.E. Self-driving cars, GPS and navigation, etc. Just as our race cars today have complex systems to keep professional pilots from killing themselves. You could argue that the drivers in the early days of racing are better because they used virtually NO assisting systems.
3. He's stayed alive this whole time. A large portion of pilots who flew against Han and the rebellion perished, so yeah, you could say that he's one of the best. He's outlived all of the other good pilots.
4. The reason why Han is a powerful character is because of his LUCK. It's what probably kept him alive. He's done things most people would never accomplish, including dangerous maneuvers. Sure, the ship helped him, but mostly in navigation. I don't think the ship calculated how to fly through the mouth of that creature, it showed Han at the controls.
5. The reason why Rei and Luke were good pilots was because they were very sensitive to the force. They used the force to guide them. Look at luke, he jumped into an X-wing right away, and a snowspeeder, and fared pretty damn well. That''s why they were able to pull off such trickery.
6. The reason why Han got kicked out of the academy and became a grunt may not have to do with him failing flight class. It could be from him being a wildcard and a smart ass, talking back to commanding officers, etc.
Give me a fucking break dude. Just stop!
Hanno Nel
The only gap in this theory is that for the "thread the needle" manuver on the Deathstar, The Beast in the Asteroids mouth and even when Rey escapes Jakku, there is no way that L3 would be able to know how to navigate those areas because she would have not had data on them beforehand. The Deathstar was created long after she died and no one ever loaded the plans to it on to the Millenium Falcon, there is no way she would have known how to navigate through the beasts mouth(except in the highly unlikely event that she has been inside one's mouth before) and there is no way she could predict how that Star Destroyer that Rey passed through was broken up, meaning no navigational help.
Jackie Treehorn 1972
Film Theory, the show that ruins you favorite movies.
Matthew Sly
Rey had old flight simulators and ship manuals that she found on Jakku from the Empire and the Rebellion. So, she never actually had flown a ship, but she had learned how to from the simulators and manuals.
Joshua Taft
Didn't C3PO even make a comment how the Falcon's dialect was peculiar? This would explain that as well.
azajason ROBLOX
Piloting the millennium falcon is easy building the LEGO millennium falcon is hard
better late than never
Dear comment section,
When she was a Droid L3 was a navigator, however, that doesn't mean she couldn't mess with the ship further once her consciousness was apart of it.
If you install a GPS in your car, doesnt mean you're usless, it only tells you where to go.
Geeky Girl
Matpat: *puts cowboy hat on Han Solo*
Wow.. I hate that movie.
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