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Fostering Communication Between Body | The Silent Voice Of Autism: What - At Up-Tube.com

Fostering communication between body The Silent Voice of Autism: What 1 day ago   1:01:21

AutismOne Media
Slides: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1sn75d8dvu2xjkr/Ballard_Abbie_052619.pptx?dl=0

Full Title: Signaling from Body to Brain: Fostering communication between body & brain to improve neurodevelopmental disorders

In this lecture, Dr. Abbie Ballard will tie together the 3T's and how their presence contributes to neurodevelopmental disorders. Integrating research, clinical experience, and specialized testing she will make the case for chiropractic as a primary therapy for children with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Abbie Ballard, DC

Dr. Ballard is a family and wellness-based chiropractor with special interest in helping children with neurodevelopmental and genetic disorders. She became interested in working with children with special needs while on a mission trip during chiropractic school and delved deeper when her niece was diagnosed with Trisomy 21. She holds certification in pediatrics (ICPA), internal health, and acupuncture, and is currently working towards her certification in functional medicine, after which she will become a board certified clinical nutritionist as well. Dr. Ballard has a passion for looking at the individual as a whole and working toward optimizing proper function, supporting neuroplasticity, and maximizing health. She is devoted to her mission of growing a healthier community through education and outreach.

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The Silent Voice of Autism: What Fostering communication between body 1 day ago   55:14

Tamara has worked with families for nearly 10 years and connected with hundreds of children diagnosed with autism. The children have shared many messages and lessons that need to be shared with everyone. If you wonder if your child is suffering, there are ways through our own evolution, to connect and receive a deep knowing of how your child feels, thinks and understand his/her world. Tamara will share what she's learned as well as tools as to how you can understand your child more deeply.

Tamara Duncan