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Motivation Madness
The Most Successful People Explain Why a College Degree is USELESS. Definitely a must watch! Keep in mind, college is a viable option for many. The people you meet and networking opportunities are worth more than the degree itself.

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Motivation Madness
PLEASE READ --> Hi everyone, this is a completely different video than normal. Videos will resume back to normal on Monday with an EPIC video by Simon Sinek. I want to explain that College is a perfect solution to many, however to others it may not be a good fit. For myself, it was perfect, for one of my good friends, it wasn't a good fit. If you are currently in college, do not rely on that the piece of paper that you receive at the end to get you far, it is your own commitment and perseverance that will get you far. College is one of the best places on earth to develop networking connections with fellow students and professors, as well as create experiences that are extremely valuable. I want to emphasise that you don't need to go to the best and most expensive school to get the best education or be successful. My advice is to BECOME INVOLVED, make friends with as many people as possible, help others, and be true to yourself. I REPEAT, this is not a video saying that College is useless, but rather we put too much emphasis on a piece of paper, thinking that a degree is going to catapult us to great success. Make the most out of your time, go out there and make connections with other people, and take risks!
Joanne Zo
Universities are there to teach you critical thinking, expose you to bigger ideas, and for you to learn from and about people who inspire you. Yeah you could make money without a college degree, you can lean things on your own, you can network with peers outside of school, but comparing that to 4-8 hours of intense learning over the span of 4 years of your life when your brain is prime and fresh and ready to learn is another level. You're going to an organization where the fundamental activity is exchanging ideas, engaging in discussions, learning to think about things on a deeper level, as well as learn some skills (including social skills, cause you get to hang out with people your age). Unis have been a thing since 14th century, and before that some folks were sent to monasteries, and there is a reason they have stayed so prominent throughout centuries, and to call it "useless" is a sure way to make yourself sound like an idiotic philistine. Not everything in life should be geared towards how much money you can make in the future, that's why civilization is made from infrastructure AND superstructure.
Who else came here to have an excuse to not go to college 😂
One smol birb
Great example when they aren't needed. But there *are* a whole lot of reasons why they are good.
Kevin Ramsar
College is where people fall in love
Knowledge is also working the bests job you can get and being smart with your money, and deciding if you are good or want to progress more, you can have a college degree, good job, and still be broke! Depending on your habits.
Waiting for ES6
Society wants STEM degrees & trade school skills. Everything else, ESPECIALLY Liberal Arts colleges (lol) are for the retards who want to donate $100k to the Marxists and get nothing in return except indoctrination of hatred of their culture and themselves..
OPPORTUNITY: this is the defining thing that each successful person here had.
If you don't put yourself in any position to be there for those opportunities then there is little chance for you to succeed. College would make you present for these situations and help you with needed social skills to get noticed for more opportunities.
I failed college, twice. But I am self employed now and own a shop and my own mobile DJ business. I did the princes trust after that and gained some much needed work experience and social skills. I had many MANY crappy jobs over the years.
I had an interest in games since I was very young, got a job in the games retail industry say about 11 years ago and the opportunities to start on my own came from that.
My Djing business came down to my dad playing in tribute bands since I was young and I had contacts and experience through that. When I got married a few years ago our wedding DJ turned out to be a scammer and ran off with our deposit and we couldn't afford anyone else especially at such short notice. So I did a DJ setup using stuff I had over the years, some new cheap equipment and my dads band speakers and lights.
I decided to go for it and now gig regularly every other week or so and work through the week in the shop (Hence why my youtube hasn't got much videos at this time lol!)

Success can be from who you know, it can be from being at the right place at the right time. It can also be about connections, connecting with people as you get through life and being recommended by others etc.
My maths skills are the worst, but does it mean I should give up and not do what I do because my 4 year old is better than maths at me? No!
However I am glad I went through school and college to discover what my weaknesses are and work on them.

If you get knocked down by exams and don't know what you want to do in life, just keep on trying and keep on living and you may just end up falling in to the greatest job of all time by accident, or you could work hard to get it.
Either way, you have to do something for those opportunities to arise.
Ishak Edd
I have exams tommorow ...😥
Tony Martinez
Reality is that not EVERYONE is going to be as successful in life. It's not relalistic to tell people that. You're basically lying to them giving them this false dream. Why do you think people work at jobs like McDonald's or dish washers cashier's resturants etc. Because they are needed. Success is success no matter if you make 100k or 20k a year. You're successful either way.youre doing something with your life and that means something.
Trill Pharaohたえ
The problem is more expensive compared to when our parents went to college...if college wasn't so expensive in the US we all would'nt be talking about this....
OctoArtAirbrush Andy
i Quited school when i was 16 , i am now a CEO of an art Company. People said i will regret it . I am now 31 and i am so happy ive quit !!!
Fidela Gomez
Alot of careers do require a degree in a specific discipline.
GameOn Friday
if everyone was them who would do the work for them.?
Jon Doe
without wayching this yet...obviously a college degree would be useless if you don't benefit from it on your resume, you're not using it to help yourself gain capital to invest, or/and you really didn't learn much.
lol mindgames
A piece of paper doesn’t define your knowledge nor does it success your future.
You don't need a college degree to sell peoples' data to whomever you please and run all over ethics and laws.
Shafi Nabard
Who trust you for a job without that piece of paper (college degree)?
Rhetorical question
Jozef Kučera
The most successful man...bla bla bla. Suddenly appears Trump, bitch is you drunk?
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Best Online Business To Start The Most Successful People Explain 5 months ago   22:20

If you want to know the best online business to start in 2018, watch this video!

There are many different things you can do to start an online business in 2018, but what I share with you here is what I believe to be the best long-term business ideas out there.

I've been marketing online now for a couple years and I can you that creating an online business is quite the journey.

Honestly, most people don't have what it takes to push through and actually create success, but that's not you.

You are hear because you were born for this. You are here because you do have what it takes.

I believe you can do it. Do you?

In this video I walk you through the basics of starting an online business and I do cover what I believe to be the best business to start in 2018.

No matter what you decide to start, you must START!

Learn, take action, fail, suck some more, learn, get better, persevere, succeed!.

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