Usain Bolt vs. Tyreek Hill Atlanta Legends vs. Orlando Apollos 2 months ago   05:34

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The fastest man alive goes against the fastest man in the NFL to determine who is quicker!

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Nate Gebhard
Where’s the “Who can break their kid’s arm faster”?
Landon Honore 2026
Jackson Brown
Not to be raciest, but notice how they are both black
TTV ojdakid
If they race we know who would win tho
Tristan Helgerson
This was some dumb shit they didn't even walk much less rin in the video
Aggro Koorde
Tyreek hill look like quando rondo
Esaulthe kid44
Let Usain bolt be in the Bengals
I wanted to see them race
Gamer 564
I am 9 years old. According to my pitching radar gun, I run a t 22 mph.
donny bravo
what a waste of everyones time
Phil Do
Anthony Shelton
Consider this. When Bolt ran his 100m wr, his split at 40m(131.2 ft) was 4.64s. At 40yds.(120 ft), that basically converts to 4.24s. However, considering that his acceleration is not linear, it was probably a little more than that in the best race of his life!
Anthony Shelton
That 40 time just happens to equal the current nfl record. Really?
Abhiram Villuri
5:04 RIP headphone users
Walk This Way Ministries
Bolt ran a 4.22, not in his prime, possibly not even at full speed, and on a short lane where he had to slow down to avoid crashing into a dang wall, smh...
Dominic64 TBLightning
Tyreek is such a great dude
nmb Memphis beast24
They didn't play slap jack right
David Goodwin
90% of people thought they were gonna race
Ray Jay
Race them. Thats what everyone wants
_________ _________
Fastest to break a 3 year old’s arm: tyreek
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Atlanta Legends vs. Orlando Apollos Usain Bolt vs. Tyreek Hill 2 months ago   10:19

The Atlanta Legends take on the Orlando Apollos in week 1 of the 2019 AAF football season.

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