Usain Bolt vs. Tyreek Hill Atlanta Legends vs. Orlando Apollos 6 months ago   05:34

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The fastest man alive goes against the fastest man in the NFL to determine who is quicker!

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Ashtin Harris
Actually John Ross is the fastest man in the nfl
Jon Smith
Tyreek fastest to million air,and fastest from rich to broke
Zach G
Tyrek hill just a fast wr who is good John Ross ran the same 40 as Usain
Hamsa A
Not fair Usain Bolt been retired not in form where as cheif receiver in form just comin off a deep playoff run did everything but run nonsense
John Ross ran a 4 22
Jake Wood
Not even trying and He ties the nfl record with a 4.22
Vex Studios
Bro all us brass players can take tyreek in the balloon challenge any day
kevin moore
4.22 when they gave him like 45 yds to finish and everything that’s mind blowing.
Fastest man vs Child abuser. That seems fair
James Bond
Tyreek Hill looks like a black tristan jass
but who can beat their kids faster ?
Maziar Beiramee
That man is retired for two years and ran a 4.22 40. Tells you everything about Bolt.
Nate Gebhard
Where’s the “Who can break their kid’s arm faster”?
Landon Honore 2026
Jackson Brown
Not to be raciest, but notice how they are both black
ojdakid tm
If they race we know who would win tho
Tristan Helgerson
This was some dumb shit they didn't even walk much less rin in the video
Jay Spam
Tyreek hill look like quando rondo
Esaulthe kid44
Let Usain bolt be in the Bengals
I wanted to see them race
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Atlanta Legends vs. Orlando Apollos Usain Bolt vs. Tyreek Hill 6 months ago   10:19

The Atlanta Legends take on the Orlando Apollos in week 1 of the 2019 AAF football season.

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