Jordan Peele Re-Enacts His Cameo Egyptian Anomalies Science Can't 8 months ago   04:45

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Jordan Peele joins Fandango correspondent Naz Perez to discuss the deeper meaning in the themes of his movies, share new ideas he would like to tackle, and reveals the cameos he made in his movies, 'Get Out' and 'Us'!

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Nerd Incorporated
He already said his cameos in Get Out years ago. This woman needs to do he research because she is pissing me off. She's so self-centered and arrogant thinking she's the first person to know it, does she also know that Santa Claus isn't real?
Sherman B. Mason
He finna be an animal in every movie he does
Johnathan Dwayne
"Us" is the best tribute to M. Night Shyamalan!!!!
*Jordan Peele: The Transformation*
(because he switched from comedy to thriller/horror)
Draxx them sklounst
my theory is that the tethered Jason is the real one because of many reasons fx when red was pressing Adeline to the glass table the tethered Jason got locked in the closet and started screaming, Adeline then said to red "thats yours" which implicates that the tethered Jason was the real one because red was the real and if thats her child that would mean he's also real.
Sanam Singh
I'm dead 😂😂she didn't watch his other interviews
Joe Bearce
Didn't he do a voice-over narration in Us
J.J Marlon
Wait!! So Jordan Peele doesn’t use his voice to the film as the new anchor?
chanon elli
He’s not being for real about telling her first right?
People, now we know how Jordan Peele "StanLees".
He'll make the sound of every dying animal in his movies.
Maybe every dying animal from now on on ANY MOVIE in Hollywood will be Jordan Peele.
Jordan Peele is a racist.
He reminds me of like jack black or something
She definitely did not stick on the topic of trauma, which seems to be an important link to the film
He was Winston Duke’s double when Red’s family first visited. That was the back of Jordan’s head. Gray hairs and all.
Jacob Hutton
Dead deer. Ahhhhh...... dead rabbit..... eeeaaaahhhhh
mark navarro
This movies is overrated
Hassan Ali
Lol she is so thick! Not THICC but thick!
My name not yours
Gary King
This girl looked up ending explained videos for Get Out and Us and thought “That’s all I’ll need for the interview…”
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Egyptian Anomalies Science Can't Jordan Peele Re-Enacts His Cameo 8 months ago   12:31

The Ancient Egyptians had a thriving society for hundreds of years. Some of what they knew and did remains as mysteries of the past. Let’s take a look at some of the intriguing parts of Ancient Egyptian culture, what we’ve learned over the years and what remains unknown.

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7. Workers On Strike
You would think that since they considered their ruler a living god amongst humans that people would be more fearful of the pharaoh, however, Egypt wasn’t as totalitarian as you might have previously believed. Workers often organized strikes to protest for better working conditions. You would, too, if you were hauling rocks around in the hot sun and endlessly carving structures. One of the most prominent strikes occurred under the reign of Ramses III of the New Kingdom in the 12th century BC. Laborers building the royal necropolis in Deir el-Medina did not receive their usual grain payment and then made one of the first recorded strikes in history. It worked, and the laborers received their rations.

6. The Dendera Light
Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity in the 1700s. Thomas Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb until the late 1800s. Could the Egyptians have had this technology at their fingertips centuries before these scientific innovations we just mentioned? Some people think so. The Dendera Light refers to a motif located in the Hathor temple of Dendera, Egypt. For some people, the illustration resembles that of a lightbulb, suggesting that Egyptians had knowledge and access to electricity. Egyptologists believe that this is just a depiction of a pillar and lotus flower with a snake that’s spawning within.

5. Everyone Wore Makeup
More and more people of all genders are showing off their makeup skills on social media. If we went back just a decade ago, you probably couldn’t say the same fad was happening, at least not so openly. If we go back hundreds of years ago, to Europe, men in makeup was indeed a thing. If we go back thousands of years ago, we’d see that ancient Egyptians were on that “make up for all” trend, too. Both sexes wore makeup back then. They believed a large amount of makeup granted them the protection of their gods Ra and Horus.

4. Pyramid of Djedefre
The highest point of any pyramid in Egypt is now in ruins. Son and successor to king Khufu, Djedefre desired to have the tallest monument in the land. He even had it built on a hill to ensure this position, but it doesn’t seem he ever got his wish. Although it’s destroyed now, research indicates that it may never have been finished in the first place. All that’s left is the base. It’s not clear what happened. Perhaps Djedefre passed away before it was completed. Maybe the Romans ransacked it 2,000 years ago. Others say his subject s hated him so much that upon his death, they destroyed it.

3. Pharaohs Were Overweight
From all the statues and drawings, it seems most Ancient Egyptians, especially the leaders, were all tall and slender. This portrayal is not accurate. You wouldn’t weight as light as a feather if all you ate were bread, wine, and beer. Examinations on the remains of royals attest to the idea that many pharaohs were overweight. Queen Hatshepsut most likely was obese, though many illustrations of her portray her as otherwise.

2. Queen Nefertiti
There were many queens in Egypt. Queen Nefertiti among the most famous of these queens, yet we don’t know what happened to her. We know that she was married to Pharaoh Akhenaten. Around the 12th years of his rule, all mention of her in historical documents cease. Historians think she the mother of King Tut. When archaeologists scanned a secret chamber in his burial place, they found nothing there. There’s no record of her death, and some offer up the idea that perhaps she took over after her husband’s reign and changed her name. It raises the question of whether or not she was as important as modern researchers thought she was.