Chevy Emblem 3M Matte Black How to Remove Emblems. How to Plasti dip 5 months ago   07:54

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This is a brief how to instructional showing the tools and process necessary for completing a color change wrap on the front bow tie emblem on a Chevy Colorado.

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James Culross
Does this wrap hold up going through the car wash?
Brian Baker
2:16 is a super valid point. Thanks for the video, huge help.
Red River Designs
My bow tie has the raised up little squares on the emblem. I tried to do a gloss black over it but it seems impossible to wrap over that and make it look good. Any tips?
N Esco
That’s looks good thanks for the tip I’m about to go buy a new tahoe and they want to charge you crazy cash for a black tie. I’m going to do this
Lloyd Dailey
I painted mine and all I used was masking tape, a can of paint thinner to remove any wax and a can of black gloss spray paint !
Ofelia Hernandez
Omg!! I am so glad I looked this up and crossed your video haha.. I've been wanting to replace my 2017 Chevy Tahoe bow tie to a black one. BUT... wasn't looking forward to the cost and installing it lol! I am soo going to do it with the 3M instead. Love the way yours came out!! Great Job!
Jarrett Morrison
Not being dumb but was does the heat do for applying the vinyl. I've applied vinyl bowtie decals on the back windows of other trucks before and never used a heat gun.
Stinky Tinker
oh my God just painted matte black
Graham Kaszas
Will this hold up on in winter?
Dr. Pavel's Snapped Neck
Very nice...well done!
Aaron Jason
awesome. gonna have to try this to mine. thanks
Matthew Wilson
I got the vinyl for my Camaro but the logo has a little chip on the side hopefully it will work out
that's beautiful. good work man. gonna be doing this to my Silverado
Do you know if you can heat it like that when using the carbon fiber style vinyl wrap? I'm wondering if it'll ruin the look
Jesus was a Carpenter
i wonder how it would look if it were all silver
Where can I buy 3m wrap film?
Fat boy Fatboy
Where are you located? Where can I buy
How much does it cost to have that done?
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How to Remove Emblems. How to Plasti dip Chevy Emblem 3M Matte Black 5 months ago   09:51

How to remove emblems. Plasti Dip emplems black.