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Florence + The Machine - Jenny Of Oldstones | Karliene - The Rains Of Castamere - At Up-Tube.com

Florence + the Machine - Jenny of Oldstones Karliene - The Rains of Castamere 1 day ago   03:23

Stream/Download “Jenny of Oldstones” from Florence + the Machine: https://itsh.bo/2UqXenO

The final season of #GameofThrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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Max Strandjunge
Still wondering why Florence doesn’t got a cameo on GoT 🤷🏼‍♂️
Vinayak S.Nair
Thanks GAME OF THRONES for making my childhood great
This is Daenerys song - she rose and rose just leave as a ghost!
Step 1: Replace Jenny with Dany
Step 2: Replay song
Step 3: Cry your heart out
Night King Gaming
I'll miss game of thrones! The only tv series i've watched😥😭
anton cekov
If you change Jenny with Danny it all makes sense.
The last good thing on GoT
Rose H
Hauntingly beautiful
This song is the only good thing to come out of the final season
amar jagtap
Best thing about season 8 is, this song...nice compilation
Orlando Arguelles
This song hits the emotions really well 😢😢😭😭😭.
Tia Chenault
Thank you HBO and GEORGE RR MARTIN for this journey of 73 episodes in total and taking us on this crazy adventure along with your amazing cast and directors and writers it has been a pleasure to be apart of a tremendous experience of GAME OF THRONES i can’t thank you enough HBO and GEORGE RR MARTIN
Предраг Николић
This must be sing by a black woman, they are beautiful creatures with so nice and specific voice.
It was a long journey but everything must end, good or bad. Thank you Game of Thrones.
Pawka Lichorecki
Ten utwór w drugim odcinku zapowiadał że ten 8 sezon będzie przybijający.. i taki był nie tylko dlatego ze był ostatni... Żal i smutek że to już koniec GoT z takim końcem... Jakby ktoś bliski odszedł na zawsze .... :(
Коля Данилюк
Long time ago i started to watch this show, i was so suprised by how good it was, i wanted to watch episode after episode, it was thrilling, unexpected, brutal, sad and unbeliaveble, THE CHARACTERS!. This show was great, the key word is "was". Thank you Benioff and Weiss for destroying it to the very core. To throw away such a great story, such a great world. I want to cry
Daniel Villarreal
I hope to see soon a series of arya stark
The best thing that came out of Season 8.
the 2º episode was way better than the last, and is all thanks to that little thing: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!
Hermione Granger
High in the halls of the king who was gone
The lone wolf would dance with his ghost
The one she had found and the one she had lost
The one that had loved her the most.

Found this on tumblr. Sansa to Jon.
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Karliene - The Rains of Castamere Florence + the Machine - Jenny of Oldstones 1 day ago   03:40

My own take on the haunting song from Game of Thrones, written by George R.R.Martin

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