Can You Recover Sound From Images? What Now For The Higgs Boson? 5 months ago   11:23

Is it possible to reconstruct sound from high-speed video images?
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Special thanks to Dr. Abe Davis for revisiting his research with me:

This video was based on research by Dr. Abe Davis and colleagues. I found out about this work years ago and was fascinated by the way he was able to capture vibration information in image-only video. I always imagined the motions of objects would be visible as when recording a tuning fork in slow motion - so deriving sound from high speed images seemed a feasible task. But the reality is much more difficult.

Sound vibrations only cause objects to wiggle by about a micrometer. This is much smaller than a pixel, so the algorithm must understand the characteristics of the image. A move in one direction should cause some pixels to lighten slightly, while others darken - and this behavior is correlated along the edges of the image. So noise can be reduced because it's random over the image and there are enough places to sample that you can get it to cancel out.

Something I'm wondering now is - would it be possible to capture sound in a single image? I'm thinking it would have to be an image of a large object or space because the wavelengths of typical sounds are quite long. Maybe a high frequency sound could be imaged in a suitable medium...

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nick parkin
"if the foil has a rocking mode"

you mean a resonant frequency............
KiratCan Kerem
There is an app by azumio, measure heart rate by using your smartphone’s camera and led light. Each time your heart beats, the blood pushed to the tissues and changes the color of your skin, not color but tint actually and this effect is emphasized with the led of your camera and the tone differences analyzed by the app which is recorded by your camera. So this tiny, micrometer movement can be converted to sound by a similar algorithm but as the guy said in the video, you need a really good camera or a specialized camera and a lens.

I am not advertising the above mentioned app btw, i have no affiliation with the app and there are other apps working with similar approach.
Should record a nice big bud with its trichomes for movement
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SriKasturi HSI
Detective Hoots
As an audiophile, this was the most mind blowing thing I've seen/heard.
some really dark ending there i bet the CIA is already using it for espionage
speaking of frame rate.. it sure would be nice if you started uploading at 60fps :D
Science Kitty
2:28 🤣
next time do this with the SlowMoGuys, i bet you can recreate up to 12 khz with their 25.000 fps cam.
Chrispy Bacon
You just gave the Chinese government a new idea
Paul Edmundson
This video is sponsored by the nsa
Top 10 Tech
Do it with slow mo guys and this guy!
It's simple. You just forgot to push the ENHANCE button.
i legit saw if this video was uploaded on april first lmao
Mally L
I can hear pictures

*shows picture of EA Sports splash screen from Fifa*
_Somebody once told me-_
Doc Moore
Lasers reflecting from windows are modulated by sound in the room vibrating the window surface. That has been used for several decades for surveillance...spying. But soundproofed glass, surely not so easily, so they must be looking at other objects within the room. Whoa. What a concept. Thankfully it appears to be subject to the sampling theorem, so it takes a fast camera, that is to say "EXPENSIVE camera" to spy using video...but wow. You know the spy guys have almost unlimited budgets. Oh, and you cannot get sound from ONE obviously need a time series of them, e.g., not still images but frames of video.
Dragongames DEV
This is so cool
Judess 69er
only problem with lastpass is its probably harder to assemble the technology required to track keystrokes through a computer microphone then it is to just break into lastpass and steal all your passwords in one fell swoop
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What Now For The Higgs Boson? Can You Recover Sound From Images? 5 months ago   08:00

For a report on ABC's Catalyst program (, I visited the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland to find out what is being done now that the Higgs Boson has been discovered.

Although its mass has been measured around 125-126 GeV most of the other properties of the particle remain unknown. Its spin appears to be 0 or 2 but more results are required to nail this down. If it is the standard model Higgs, the spin should be 0, resulting in a fairly symmetric distribution of decay products in the detectors.

We may know this year if it's not the standard model Higgs - this would be the case if it doesn't decay into specific particles with the expected frequency. However if it is the standard model Higgs, it may take many more years to be certain. The large hadron collider will be shut down in 2013 for upgrades so that higher energies up to 14 TeV can be tested. Right now the LHC is operating at 8 TeV. The next announcement is expected in December.