Beauty Busters: I Tried A Nail Beauty Standards Around The World 2 weeks ago   11:45

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This has to be the coolest beauty busters ever! But will it be a woop?
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Junissa Waugh
I would like this product because I have never done a manicure professionally or nail salon before and my mom does not allow me to do acrylics or anything and I’ve always wanted to do my nails
Ginebra Masforrol
tea with perzia
Hey, I feel like you should pick me bc I will take good care of it and it can be a pass me down also I can’t do my nails at ALL
Me: I want this
Natalie: it’s $800
Me: u know what.... I’ll just pass on this one😔
Ally Hogan
Natalie I love your vids and I hope I am not to late to win that.
Eric Bautista
I love your videos your the best yutuber ever
Ariana Hewitt
The reason why you should give the nail art to me because I don't have a lot of money to get it in my mom works really hard for me and my family to get what we want so could you please give it to me it'll be so happy and I have a phone and I'd really love it my name is Ariana my birthday is March 30th and I'm about to be 11 please choose me I love your channel and everything I really wish I could meet you in person
Sunshine Gabby
Stacy And Bélgica
You sis is so pretty
Mamilton Mlexander
Plz I can’t afford one
Summer C
So i really don’t care if you pick me, but i would love to have one because i’m horrible at doing my nails 😂
Brianna Vieth
Why I should get it because I don't have enough money for the nail salon and I love you channel
The CRAZY Kids
I am a big fan
The CRAZY Kids
Can I have it pls
gabriella pena-castro
can i please have it i have been subscribed to your channel for 4 years
Besties SC
The nails turned out pretty
Alaina Wirtzfeld
Hahahaha 800 designs that's why it's 800$ and the password is eight, eight times the owner must love eight
Dog Face
You should pick me cause I love you so much
Hair on Your screen
I want it just so much can have it
Elisa Castillo
The join button is not there😭
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Beauty Standards Around The World Beauty Busters: I Tried A Nail 2 weeks ago   23:46

Beauty Standards Around The World - Photoshoot

I hope you enjoyed my take on "Beautiful" around the world! This video displays only a small fraction of looks that could have been put together. Let me know if you'd like to see a part 2!

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