Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 months ago   1:26:41

Livestream on back of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2

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frank kilama
Hi ya. Watching got live in London. Haven't heard from you in a while all good I hope
Greta Berry
We can hear you
DJ Wun Wun
Man just found this last night & listened b4 bed. Doh I thought I heard this week was gonna be ur 1st livestream. Didn't realize you already were up & going a week strong already. Must've missed this one in the Easter Mayham. GREAT 1st stream. Expected nothing less...
Anna Carolina Mendes
I don`t understand how everyone forgets that Jaime said to Edmure Tully that he would catapult his baby in Riverrun if he did not surrender the castle. That was after everything with Brienne. Btw, where is Edmure???
Paula Thompson
You need to get a moderator
15 more mins.. 😂
1hr later.. 😜 love it!
Wish I could've seen this live but I'm in London, loved catching up on this, your YT channel is the best for GOT.
You deserve a much bigger audience
I amRenee
I mentioned this on the stream, but I wanted to explain a little further, and since you know the books by heart, maybe you can tell me if I am wrong, but I think Melisandre & the red priest and priestess snuck in with the golden company glamored to look like soldiers. The main reason I think this is because in season 4, Davos says to Stannis the GC has 10K soldiers (correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the books also says there are only 10K as well), but now in season 8, there are 20K soldiers. The show is so detail oriented I don't see this change in numbers as an oops and as viewers, we can't tell the difference between 10K and 20K visually, they're all CGI'd so why make the point of doubling the number? Melisandre had to go to Volantis for something right? It just happens to be the home of the biggest red temple in existence, and isn't the whole purpose of the religion of r'hllor about fighting the great other in the great war to come? Well the war is's time, so why would they just stay in Volantis? I believe that things will start to look like game over, and we'll get Melisandre, Kinvara, and a whole army of R'hilor fighters pop up like the Vale in the battle of the bastards. The only thing I am unsure of is how the whole glamor thing works in the books. Doesn't she glamor Mance or something like that? So...according to what you know about glamoring from the books, is this possible? I'm not a pro like you, but I made a video with clips to support the theory. What do you think?
Shannon T
@bridge4 Question - Am I the only one that has missed the possible obvious? If the living attempt to stop their fallen from turning into the army of the dead by stabbing dragonglass into their hearts, will they arise like Benjen when the NK does his voodoo to raise the dead?!?
Finally had time to watch this! Thanks Kev!! Always fun😍❤️🙏🏻
This episode is at least the second time Tyrion says something like going to king’s landing after death and ripping Cerci apart. I was expecting him to live but now I will not be surprised to see Aria wearing his face by the end of the show
Did anyone else think that Podrick could be Rhaegar? The instant I realized what song he was singing I thought this could be him...surely the faceless men plot line isn't over...
I might totally be wrong, but after following your channel & hearing “Jenny of Oldstones,” I interpret the line, “Till the walls did crumble and fall,” as meaning two things: 1) Jenny spent so many years wishing to be reunited with her husband that the walls of Oldstones did begin to crumble and 2) the wall of death crumbled and she was actually able to join her husband in death. It’s a bittersweet song about how Jenny loved her husband so much that being with his memory was enough and when she finally joined him in death, she still never wanted to leave his side again. Life is all about the relationships we carry in life and in death. We’re about to lose some beloved characters, yo.
MIchael Rivell
I have family in Sparta and ogdensburge. I haven't been there in 15 years I use to love it there as a kid.
@brigde4 It seems like they have a lot of story left to tell with the night king. I'm hoping that the next episode will start by flashing back to the night king and show his story. Then they they can lead Into the beginning of the battle via his perspective at first. Do you think we could see flashbacks this episode to explain the night kings truth? I also do not buy the story that he wants to destroy the history of man. SO much story, such little time!
Jamie L
Last seasom,Mel told Varys she was going to Volantis. That's where the army of The Fiery Hand are at the temple of Rhollor. Also Jojen saw a Fiery hand when he was talking about the "end". Do you think Mel is bringing them back to Westeros?
Viki Imhoff
no way Jaime's gonna survive. Tyrion says how he wanted to die but we already know this, just like we already know how Jaime wanted to die. And as he could say it out loud, he looks at Brienne. My money is on that he is going to die next episode in Ser Brienne's arms.
Also: why do they say that the cripts are the safest? They fight against the dead. Then they go to the cripts? Where their dead are?
What Sansa said to Dany was completely outrageous. She can’t even physically defend herself and she’ll be lucky to survive WITH Dany’s help, but she’s bitching about who will rule the north after the battle is over? If Sansa is smart and a good diplomat why would she antagonize someone who could be a powerful ally from the start? This is the first time in a long time that she has _really_ gotten on my nerves.
Breenna Fields
Will Syrio come back?
ZeRo Chucktown
Just found your channel and i love it i feel like your a guy thats stayed true to who you are even tho you are famous keep up the good work
Diane Walden
Tyrion made the joke about dying and marching to Westeros and killing Cersei. I believe you are soo right about this being about children. The scene with the white in the dragon pit, it ran straight to Cersei, maybe it's nothing but......... Everybody is predicting the death of Greyworm. Sam is going to be a daddy too. Totally missed the live chat. Booo you tube.
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