The Decline of Kodak...What Happened? Yes, Batteries Are Our Future. Here’s 11 months ago   12:19

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The name Kodak was once synonymous with cameras and film. They were innovators in the industry and the leaders of it for 100 years. Yet a few years ago they experienced such a decline that they were forced into bankruptcy. This video explores the decline of Kodak and attempts to explain what happened to them.

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Lawrence Genereux
One of the death knells of a business is having an increasingly large portion of a shrinking market.
and now they raise film prices because film sales have gone up, I don't understand the logic...
Wicked good video!
Sippin Water
Kodak should have jumped on smart phones and electronic
James Valentine
An interesting watch. I was working in a photo lab at the time that Kodak went under. For years I'd been ordering paper, chemistry and consumables from Kodak. Within a week of them going bankrupt there was major supply issues and management had to fumble around getting new contracts, from then onwards I was ordering from FujiFilm.
R-man ali
I remember using that phrase "kodak moment"
himanshu garg
i think you didn't take wrong time in the account and environment when Microsoft and apple new tech giant coming new world technology which is hugely related with digital market
James Sempy
that yellow/red/black KODAK sign was found everywhere in the world. it indicated a photo shop. so photography was sinonymous of Kodak.
Kodak was a chemical company, with innovations every 7 or 10 years ...
the digital tech evolves every 6 months, with price dropping ...
it was quite impossible to transfom Kodak. so they did everything to block DC.
Rick's Travelogue
Digital Cameras hurt their film business, yes, but I am one who feels what hurt them most was them being left in the dust as cell phone cameras removed some of the public's need to carry a digital camera with them.
Daily Dose Of Migue
I really feel like it was just there time to go. I don’t think they failed in any way . It’s just digital or personal point and shoot cameras to the everyday consumer (all of us) is a thing of the past. Maybe they should of focused more on making digital cameras for movies/tv shows, professional photography. Then they probably would of made it a little further! But for now, they are just a thing I use to remember my mom dragging me to Costco or Walgreens to develop our films lol
Look at this again, they just announced they are raising film prices because they can't keep up with the increased demand for film and they had to cancel all film back orders
gurpreet singh
i honestly liked it, but one can learn that everyone should be ready for changes they see in their industries to be successful.
this is like one should invest and also search for new beginnings in their product and services.
sally sanhory
very helpful and to the point. great work
Brock Mehrer
Film is coming back within the younger generation now as sort of a niche artform... I know this won't save the company but I feel like it sure as hell helps
James Collins
The primary reason for bankruptcy is that George Eastman died. I consulted to EK and this vid is accurate except it is too kind.
Bennie Chan
Kodak failed on dish cameras
Bennie Chan
Kodak had a slogan : Kodak me ( pls take picture for me)
Victoria Cappon
Rochester native
I agree with our cell phones now a days, there just isn't much for kodak to do anymore.
Sunday School Dropout
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Yes, Batteries Are Our Future. Here’s The Decline of Kodak...What Happened? 11 months ago   13:26

In this video we'll take a look at the new emerging battery industry.

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