The Decline of Kodak...What Happened? Yes, Batteries Are Our Future. Here’s 7 months ago   12:19

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The name Kodak was once synonymous with cameras and film. They were innovators in the industry and the leaders of it for 100 years. Yet a few years ago they experienced such a decline that they were forced into bankruptcy. This video explores the decline of Kodak and attempts to explain what happened to them.

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Dirty Water
What should they have done differently? They should have done EXACTLY what Fujifilm did in the late 80's. Fujifilm saw the writing on the wall with the digital age approaching and they prepared for it as early as the late 80s and they now have a HUGE pipeline of products and lines and almost none of them have anything to do with cameras. Yes, they make great digital cameras now and they even still make some film but it's not what makes them money. They make money on their cosmetics line. That's right. Lotions, makeup, etc. is what makes Fujifilm money. They also make biopharma regaents and chemicals among many other products. Kodak not only failed to capitlaize on digital cameras, they had no other plan B. They put all their eggs in one basket. They did everything Fujifilm didn't. You should do a video on Fujifilm. It's a great look at what a company should be doing to make sure they don't fail
Ron Zhang
0:46 😮
Shadows And Air Conditioners
They make batteries
Evil Empire Network
Kodak Shirts on Amazon
Kenneth Wehrs
My first digital camera was a 5 megapixel Kodak with a fixed lens and a digital zoom. it cost $350 in 2004.
ricky sanchez
Kodak was a film company. When you remove the film element from photography, you basically remove Kodak. The vast majority of my family photo albums were Polaroids because film development took to long and costed to much. We grew up without Kodak moments.
Eugenia Loli
There is still a way to get back some of the old glory among (rich) filmmakers: to bring back the look of VistaVision Technicolor, but via a modern method of developing the film (not the old way which was way too difficult and involved). The look of these late 1950s and early 1960s Vistavision films can NOT be reproduced with any digital camera or color grading today. Digital simply captures color and light differently. Modern film is very close to digital photography too, since it has come a long way from its older "painting-like" look and color inaccuracies. But it's exactly that look that we miss when we think of Classical Hollywood, because it just can't be done digitally. The latest effort to reproduce that look was with The Love Witch (trailer ), and it was still not as good as the old Vistavision look, plus they had to use 35mm film anyways. So yeah, there is still market. But not market for modern-looking film that looks like digital anyways.
I don't know if it was mentioned already, but in a few countries Kodak became a synonym for camera.
When mom says we’re going to the game store but we go to Walmart instead. That’s a Bruh Moment.
Addison Geary
I heard Eastman named the company / camera after the sound it made when you clicked the shutter. No way to verify but sounds good to me!
Good points but you kind of glossed over the real reason for their catastrophic drop in revenue. You mentioned it near the end but spent way more time on the digital camera angle. The real killer was smartphones. Probably 60% of all adults have a smartphone now. Whereas, maybe 20% of adults have a stand alone digital camera. Digital cameras were like a an arrow to the leg, smartphones was an arrow to the head.
Ligma Popla
Just came cuz Kodak wk had to change his Channel to DJ Cook.
Cause it fucking Sucked.
Randy Buck
Actually the name Kodak wasn't just pulled out of the air. The roll film camera was invented by a man form North Dakota. He sold the invention to George Eastman, who considered calling it "Nodak" as people from North Dakota are called, but he liked "Kodak" better.
a kid that plays games
Hey here from JT did you too?
Kodak is already suing a YouTuber for using the word ‘Kodak’ and the company told him to delete his YouTube channel.
Channel Name: Kodak wk (Current Name: DJ Cook)
Rasika Karandana
Who came here after jt
Shortgtan The man
And in 2019 Kodak are being fucking babies about someone using their name even tho it’s a 16 year old and they’re bankrupt
this pretty much Blockbuster didn't embarrass the future and just fell over, but sad Kodak was the one that made digital camera, how stupid not capitalize on it
kodak wk OOF
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Yes, Batteries Are Our Future. Here’s The Decline of Kodak...What Happened? 7 months ago   13:26

In this video we'll take a look at the new emerging battery industry.

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