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Top 10 Penalty Saves By Outfield Players | Brazil Vs New Zealand 4-0 - Friendly 2006 - At Up-Tube.com

Top 10 Penalty Saves by Outfield Players Brazil vs New Zealand 4-0 - Friendly 2006 1 year ago   04:11

HeilRJ Football Channel

The top 10 craziest penalty saves by outfield players.

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Where is Ronaldinho? You lier😡
Ersin Sahin
I'm a Gala fan but Melo was like 2 meters in front of the goal line before the pen taker even started walking XD
fortune maviya
King Kyle
fortune maviya
Kyle Walker
Filip Simic
I wish there was commentary
Andrés Ramírez
interesante top... una sugerencia, podrían agregarle las fechas de esos encuentros y de que sea un poco mas largo el video (donde se muestra la falta del arquero) y unas repeticiones (de disponer de otros ángulos). muchas gracias
Irish wolfhound
Clickbaiting? Very fucking mature
Some of them have great potential.
James McClarty-Miller
VAR says retake those pens , 9/10 keepers off their line before ball was kicked XD
No. 6 was Jan Rosenthal from Hannover 96.
Leading Provide
وانا الان ارمي معاني لكم
Leading Provide
هذا يحبونه شعب عربي كل ولايحبونكم لانهم يقتلون فلسطين ...علمو ابنائكم سباحة وركوب خيل ورماية
Evren pecinkaya
Felipe MeLo Pitbull Galatasaray 💛❤
Max Knight
This is a scam
Eugene Kear
False advertising
Ludogorets qualified for the champions league beacuse of Cosmin Moti I remember watching the match it was a big moment for the bulgarian football the comentator was screaming lol
Abdul Basit
Njiiir gw ketipu thumbnail ronaldinho, warga +62 mana caci maki nya...
Instead of just commenting about clickbait, just dislike video and report Spam or misleading.. misleading thumbnail.. by now it would have been removed
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Brazil vs New Zealand 4-0 - Friendly 2006 Top 10 Penalty Saves by Outfield Players 1 year ago   11:17

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