Exposing China's Digital Dystopian Bricks and slaughter: Part one - Exposing 1 year ago   27:15

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China is marrying Big Brother to Big Data. Every citizen will be watched and their behaviour scored in the most ambitious and sophisticated system of social control in history. Matthew Carney reports.

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wolf lock
Western see us as animal. Thank you for your bias video
Judi Grace
You watch us, and God is watching you. God has all the weapons of mass destruction. Your cameras means nothing to God, and he can destroy all of us in an instant.
_Alt reddit accounts disappearing_
pika chew
Chinese Communist Party is enemy to the free people of the world, may God destroy them!
Juan Galli
Such a sionist title. love it!
Sebastian BLOH
China is crazy
Dark Master 666
This reminds me of that anime psycho pass. If this is the direction world is headed in then...
Menaceri Samir
this is a brainwash ...
Daniella maybe
I don't fear my government, I fear more about criminals. I enjoy walking in the middle of night without worries.
john tuttle
The proving ground for what we have too expect in America
Syd K
This the real life version of nosedive!
we have democracy in India , we can go wherever we want, do whatever we want, we have all the freedom but that freedom made us irresponsible, a misbehavior, we don't fear the laws here, it teaches that we need strict laws, discipline needs to be taught through strictive laws
Nathaniel GuggenHeim
Difference to the west: They don't work for the oligarchs, but for themselves... now... but soon will for the party.
these people are sick in their heads....and out of touch with reallity..
you have to be a good little girl or boy or else loose your privileges
Zachary Moneta
I bet their politicians that made the law, don’t have a social score
April Freeman
if you think the west doesn't have mass digital surveillance, you are too damn ignorant.
K Ash
Wow she's thick. That dazzle me to see how clueless people can be... In her case, I think it's willful ignorance. She really wants to believe this will lead to good things, and after all, why wouldn't she, she's greatly benefiting from that system. But here's the thing, one day, that system might turn on her, or on a member of her family. I wonder how she'll perceive that control state then...
John Hetherington
Hate China dreadful people..you're welcome
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Bricks and slaughter: Part one - Exposing Exposing China's Digital Dystopian 1 year ago   11:16

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