Reaction Video | Santa's New Corvette 🔴 Real Life 360° 2 days ago   10:52

Cars, Costs and Technology
This is what happens when you put Santa Claus and his elves behind the wheel of a Corvette Stingray! The reactions are pretty hilarious.

Filmed with the Samsung Gear 360

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Robert CC&T
PO Box 24232
Greenville, SC 29616

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Cars, Costs and Technology
My Christmas list:
1. C7 ZR1
2. 10K Subscribers 👍
😁 Thanks for watching!
It was a fun parade. Glad that y'all could join us.
Corvette 89
Man I wish I was there with my 89 corvette
How do you shoot these?
Corvettes 918
I really need to get one of these cameras!! Great event thanks for sharing.
You're a down to earth guy! We need more people like you! Take care!
Darren D
This was AWESOME!!!!!!
Kirk Endicott
great video iam sure your neice enjoyed the parade.
G Money
What a beautiful slice of small-town Americana! Love the 360...and it looked like your niece & the mystery elf had a blast.
Thanks for sharing the fun!
Adam North
Pretty seers one footage!
Peter Carey
And why do I think you will be blessed with a ZR1 and 10k subscribers very soon? 😂 You had to be "invited" by a Corvette club? Robert, you mean you haven't joined one yet? That was one of my first recommendations to you. Put that on your New Year's Eve Resolution List! As to the video, LOVED the 360 and loved all your outfits. If you get to do another Christmas parade, you might want to add a tree in the cargo area. Just make sure it's artificial. Real pine needles have been known to bury themselves in the carpet for years! I know!  🎄 MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours.  🎅
Lance Keeble
Please post the brand of camera you used...
Bill Ryno
That’s one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in awhile!!! Thank you very much!
JazzyT747 Car Cruisin
Good video... I am still working on my VR videos to get the best quality uploaded. It always looks awesome until I switch it over to 360 mode then it loses clarity.
Another great one!
Darnell Sharperson
Awesome camera work, great video! Merry Christmas!! Thanks
Lotus Diaries
Yay !!! My wishes have been granted, thank you and God bless
Rusty Zipper
That is crazy cool. Next year Corvettes918 will have 4 of these 360 rigs on his ZR1 at every event!
Dude I love it man! Awsome video, too bad you don't live close man we could make some sweet car videos! I'm gonna start a car channel soon I hope if I have the time. I have the cars but barely any time 😣
Lance Keeble
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🔴 Real Life 360° Reaction Video | Santa's New Corvette 2 days ago   05:07

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