MY DOG'S 21st BIRTHDAY!!! (CRAZY SML Movie: Bowser's Mom 2 days ago   11:04

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My brathday was good i hade 1 dinosaus it wus vary fun
gemma Berlemon
What is that chilli I am the best friend my birthday is in a couple of days I got YouTube account is there any way you can look it up and help me out and subscribe that would really help thank you if you didn't actually please I will tell all my friends you like your YouTube and see if they like it describes my name is Gemma yes I have my birthday in two days it's October 10th really good let's go OK love you chilli buy
roman escobar
He's mustache looks better than his old one his beard is not growing but he still looks good
Melody Theinkling
Happy birthday blizzard!
Adam Cougill
Happy birthday blizzard
Miriam Lopez
Happy birthday blizzard
Jd Valdez
The steak it look bloody
Jd Valdez
I would but I don't have a dog
Chia Chee Thien Chee Thien
dogs cant drink beer!
Gaming -with -Compa
My bday at February 27 and billzards at February 26
Joanie Roybal
is snowball OK
Joanie Roybal
happy birthday blizzard
you old enough to drink beer I wish I could but i'm only 10 but I did without nobody knowing and it was too strong for me.
Adrian Degohermano
Thats raw danm
Ramiro Popoca
He's enjoying the steak
Jazmine s
he 4 now
Exotic_ Killer
Wine or bear makes dogs a higher chance of heart attack
Syrenity Wheaton
I celebrate my dogs birthday he is 3 like blizzard
dremakes animpact
learn how to treat your dog correctly and please leave it alone while it's eating
Furby Gaming 125
shiva whiteman
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SML Movie: Bowser's Mom MY DOG'S 21st BIRTHDAY!!! (CRAZY 2 days ago   12:58

Bowser's Mom comes to visit!