MARTIN SHOW: WHAT REALLY The Fresh Prince of Bel-air, FUNNY 3 months ago   08:55

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Philip Tucker
MAN!!! We are in a court of law! Now tell us what does GTD stand for!!!???
Philip Tucker
Martin wanted to fuck, but Campbell didn't wanna fuck wit him like that. I have a feeling they fooled around for a bit but Tisha wanted to cut it off so Martin decided to act super petty about the whole situation.
Hen - Dogg
The best Martin episodes was when they was on vacation with that big ass rat in their room and then when he fought Tommy Hearns! 😂😂😂
His name was cole* not cold 😂😂😂
Shane G
Get a pop filter
theresa webb
New york undercover came fjrst they di d nt say that in this.
Tonya Davillier
I don't know why people fall for this race baiting BS. Pam was Martin's woman. He got on that sh!t and went crazy. He constantly criticized Tisha Campbell's man so she filed a complaint and quit.
Charles Harris
Alllll my wife and children with Damon wayins they are in the bedrooms
silver fox
So martin is really a prick..
Anthony Webb
Damn, sad story. I never heard that they really dated. I understand how Martin felt, they were a couple on TV and in real life, but the $ & The power went to his head and I guess he didn't want her dating someone else. He gave her a chance and made her famous and rich, but I get it....... she wanted to date and get serious with someone else.
At the end of the day who knows what really happened. Maybe she asked him to settle down and get married and he wouldn't so she did what she had to do. Idk.
All that really matters is they made peace and "Pam" is getting finer every year. She was always my favorite too. Sexy but tough enough to handle Martin.
so they actually did have an affair.......?
Jack Lyons
I never like this show because it made people move with their girlfriends
Xavier Shaw
Oscar and trudy
Why are there so many comments comparing Gina to Pam? That is not what this video is about. They are not in competition with each other. They are both strong, talented, beautiful women. Stop talking about their hair. Stop criticizing their physical features. Stop making this a beauty contest. Absolutely ridiculous... and you wonder why so many women have body image issues.
shelisa sells
The very last clip 😂
cdubbtonice wit it
Illumanati sign she just through it up twice
This totally glossed over (forgot to mention) there was an affair between the 2 and Martin was pissed when it came out Tisha's hubby was HIV+ and he (Martin) had been subjected to that disease. That's the real reason why they fought 🤷🏽
6:47 LMFAO!
G Baby
I love that show
batman west
He was fuckin gina before she got wot duane then wen she did she haulted all tht n martin was mad abt it n it went frm there
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The Fresh Prince of Bel-air, FUNNY MARTIN SHOW: WHAT REALLY 3 months ago   06:47

A small compilation of funny moments from Fresh Prince of Bel-air. This is from season 2 -3.