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First Laferrari In San Diego | Arab Ferrari Laferrari In Monaco - At Up-Tube.com

First LaFerrari in San Diego Arab Ferrari LaFerrari in Monaco 2 days ago   05:33

Spencer Berke
The first Ferrari LaFerrari in San Diego! Revs at 4:54. Follow me on Instagram for more @ThatPhotographer & @SpencerBerke.

Filmed with a Nikon D7000 Nikon
San Diego, La Jolla, CA.

Comments 38 Comments

James Brodski
Too bad Tesla is faster, ha-ha!
Bofa Boy
Hey spencer can you technically buy a La Ferrari from another previous owner without having to ask permission from Ferrari to buy one?
Tai Lopez
Wow, your channel quality has improved a lot since this video. Good job Spencer!
Creative Happiness
I will create video for your plan tour or visit location on google earth for $5.
You can share this video to your friends for discuss travelling and stop for the point of interest zoom points
You can discuss specific location that needs to be guided.You can check my other gigs also.
to me it is the most beautiful Ferrari made up to today !!!
Max Dierre
All that show just in front of Maserati store...hahaha great!
Raymond Fee
I only wish
LTMC Media
Dang, that's awesome
Quick question, at 2:11, how come there's a hole on the front bumper?
Joe Kerry
That sound...
dang he's a good driver to drive through those doors 
Space: the final frontie... oh wait.
The smell of the new ferrari just Unforgettible
Jeff D
put it in park.....lol wow
Sandra Rios
I know that exact area! Awesome. LaFerrari hybrid-hypercar in San Diego! Nice. Now for the others. And the i8.
Mad Bull
Holy Allah awakbar the Christians make the best cars!!! 
2:50 slow down Mini Cooper.. what an idiot.. crazy!
Semplicemente stupenda. Ferrari.
Sam Jensen
I was literally just there yesterday but I didn't see a Ferrari dealership since I was at Lamborghini of San Diego.
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Arab Ferrari LaFerrari in Monaco First LaFerrari in San Diego 2 days ago   02:03

This stunning Arab LaFerrari was driving around in Casino Square, Monaco. Video includes some loud cold starts, revs and driving scenes. The flagship Ferrari certainly causes a stir, It is amazing to see the attention this car creates even when it is parked!
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Intro Music: "Dustsucker" - MachinimaSound - http://bit.ly/Z3Gobo
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/