Visit the University of Southern California Big Questions Ep. 24: USC 4 months ago   05:14

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USC's beautiful and historic University Park campus is a great destination for visitors to Los Angeles. This video offers a preview of what's in store when you come to campus -- classic architecture, park-like grounds, museums, cafés, entertainment and more.

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Carly Oofie
My dream college. Volleyball is my life, and this schools team is one of the best. I would LOVE to go to this school. Im filing my application next August.
eight apple
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The place that hates free speech and are afraid of any opinions that differ from the echo chamber? Why would anyone waste their money on this joke of a place?
Who were the architects and engineers building this school?
Seems better than UCLA
The Small Juice Box
Yup! I'm absolutely going to attend this school!! Right now I'm a rising 9th grader but I'm REALLY set on this place!
Joshua Aguilera
For all of you people wanting to go to USC you better have a 4.0 or above to even have a decent chance. You're competing with people who have 4.5 gpas and have done a lot to try and raise their profile. South California is full of a lot of high achieving competitive students and schools that it is extremely hard to get into USC or UCLA
imani lee
rush lens emission itself tonight art extended glance famous pond senior.
Fernanda Castañon
My dream college
m Daffa M dm
Very good university, hope I can continue my studies there
Angel J
I really wanna go here!! 😍
Travis Zane
This is great work haha
Marcos Lopez
University of South Central
Jared Turner
UCLA is much better
Zipporah Freeman
My dream school ❤
The Ol' Razzle Dazzle
Love that they use the rewind sound effect from Blinx: The Time Sweeper
Aleah Summerville
please accept me
jasmine nwodu
I want to go here so badly, it's so freaking expensive tho.
I just got accepted to the Law School here.
Meh. Fuck college
I'm gonna go watch Netflix
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Big Questions Ep. 24: USC Visit the University of Southern California 4 months ago   06:31

Crimson goes to USC to ask some Big Questions! If you want to study at USC, see how Crimson can supercharge your application. Go to and apply for an assessment

The University of Southern California, or USC, is the oldest private research university in California, known for its high-performing NCAA athletics programs ("Trojan" athletes have won a US-best 288 Olympic medals!), its top-notch entrepreneurship networks, and its state-of-the-art Information Sciences Institute (home to the world's largest quantum computer)!

What's the best thing about USC? What's the worst thing about USC? What do USC students do on weekends? What did they write about for their college application essays? Watch to find out!