Disney Fantasia, Mother nature The Twelve Princesses Simsala Grimm 7 months ago   09:03

I only recently watched this movie for the first time and realised what a great piece of art it is especially this scene..so I re edited it to the great music of Hans zimmer.I do not own any of the footage or music, just thought would be nice for ppl to see etc :)

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Meh. Zimmer is one of the greatest film composers alive, but he's no Stravinsky. This short movie doesn't work without the Firebird, imo. But hey, it's not like your edit is unwatchable or anything. :)
النحس المستمر
شكد انت مو رجال
وشكد انت شاذ
وشكد انت مسخ
ومااعرف شكد اكو ناس عل شاكلتك
ابو النسوان
تريد شنو مني
انا مااريد منك شي
انا مااريد منك شي
تفهم لو لا
اتركني بحالي
ابو النسوان تجاربك احتفظ بيها لنفسك ومن تكون وحدك
او مع شاذة مثلك
اتركني بخالي مااريد تجارب مااريد شي
ولو تريد تغتصبني
بعد ماعندي كلام
لانك الاقوى والاكثر سلطة وجاه
وانا اقل من خادمة او عبد عندك
تتلاعب بينه مثل اي زر بالتلفون او اقل
دعواتي عليك ماتنتهي
Skye Playz
I reacted to this, sad as hell
Katheris Mercedes
Tiene un mensaje muy hermoso si lo pueden ver del lado positivo waoo 😘 J
Mhmd Abu
Mhmd Abu
I hate this world 😑😔💔
Reuben Wriarts' Spoken Poetry
Im not crying, im not.
Андрей Стаценский
Прям за душу берёт
Johnro Guwapo
save mother earth.. thank you for this very beautiful animated movies,its inspired in a true event.
Piya Bittu
Super yaar
Lemei Bomsha
Worth it. Best Animation
චූටි දෝණි චූටි දෝණි
හරිම ලස්සනයි .හරිම අර්තවත්..💜️💜️💜️
Palamirtam Marimuthu
The wrath.....destruction... Regeneration.... Cycle.....😵😱😷😌😌😌😌😌
Tamunotonye Wakama
She reminds me of Tafiti😊❤from Moana
Roo Roo
me and my sister rewatched this and we still don't know how the deer is still alive

beautiful animation and music tho :)
Elif Sidieva
Это так прекрасно!💓 Плачу каждый раз, когда пересматриваю.... Так много смысла в этом
Isis - Osiris' main squeeze
So the moral of the story is DON'T MESS WITH MOTHER NATURE ⚡⚡⚡⚡She always wins. With GOD all around her :) We're a perfect match :)
Maria Constantino
Sai da caverna de Platão
Harshendu P.u
But this is like christian view all proliferating is just nature .
Actually nature is that feminine aspect that is creative and destructive at the same time .

Nature of a dessert has its own way to sustain life .volcanic mountains and volcanic activity has its own nature .
If it is nature itselfturning to volcano .
Ratherthan volcano destroying nature .
Our perspective is so short enough to think that green is just nature .

But the 2D's beauty is un matchable with others.
Linh Phương Nguyễn
Thật ý nghĩa
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