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Disney Fantasia, Mother Nature | The Twelve Princesses Simsala Grimm - At Up-Tube.com

Disney Fantasia, Mother nature The Twelve Princesses Simsala Grimm 10 months ago   09:03

I only recently watched this movie for the first time and realised what a great piece of art it is especially this scene..so I re edited it to the great music of Hans zimmer.I do not own any of the footage or music, just thought would be nice for ppl to see etc :)

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So life on Earth owes its existence to an elk?
qd fox
Zsuzsanna Juhasz
Music is good. But it reminds me for the Da Vinci Code... The animation is brilliant. Mother Nature is always strong
Krab Morskoi
Нельзя так издеваться над сердцем)
Aspen McMurray
3:45 good lord, I'm dead now. That scared that crap out of me, not because I was not expecting it because I was. I was not ready for the loud music because I can not hear anymore. I had my volume up😂
Jason Kresock
But again mother earth will rebuild from the ashes
Reminds me abit of the disney movie bambi the first 1
Thank you for making this. My favorite video of all time. I can always come back and be lifted by it.
2,1 k Бездушных выродков , зачем вы пачкаете своим мерзким мнением это . Просто умрите . Может на ваших костях вырастет что прекрасное . Вы живое , дышащее удобрение .
Sandra Santos
Que deslumbrante!!!!☺
maria estela garcia vazquez
Bellisimo, conmovio mi corazon que esta muy triste 😢porque estamos destruyendo nuestro hermoso planeta
becca wilson
i havent seen the second one and i dont remember this, so must be from part 2
Arthegor Archi
Очень не в попад...
What come next? You put some Pokemons and Manga on it???? LET MASTERPIECES JUST AS THEY ARE!!!! You r insulting all artists they really hard worked that with your cheap PC Videoedition.
joaquin jara
Life always find de way
Ms Hyena
This is made by the same people who made bambi 2
Людмила Смирнова
Something Bright
I remember my papa taking me to see this when I was a young girl and I cried at so many parts. It just hit my soul at such a tender age. The music was outstanding
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The Twelve Princesses Simsala Grimm Disney Fantasia, Mother nature 10 months ago   25:16