Neil Bonnets 1993 Scary Darrell Waltrip the accident which 4 months ago   05:26

Jacob Hernandez
Thanks to md4499 for this capture. A scary crash entering the tri-oval that sent Neil Bonnet flipping over into the catch fence. This was Neil's first race since he was seriously injured at Darlington three years earlier, and any kind of head trama could have killed him. He was lucky to walk away alive. Call by Ned Jarret and Ken Squier.

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Julian Lymond
Neil Bonnett's 1st And Only NASCAR Flip Before His Death In 1994.
I have ridden in a 280Z at 130 mph. That was plenty fast and one time was enough of that.
RIP Neil
Mike B
I remember watching this race, he rolled his car, climbed out okay and sat down with the announcers narrating his crash in the booth, dang that is a brave man race car driver like Dale.
jack bonnett
Neil was my cousin
Douglas Duncan
Neil Bonnets crash was more similar to Carl Edwards crash at Talladega.
Trey Furrow
Why do they move when they crash?
Neil was in the broadcast booth calling races before this happened.Once he was checked out, he went up to the booth and called the rest of the race. A year later, Neil would die practicing for the 94 Daytona
Brian Booher
Restricted plates suck raise the wall 10 feet take the first 30 rows out like they did at Bristol when it was dirt in 2001 an let em run what they brung.speedan who is the fastest is what it's suppose to be about.i never want to see anybody get hurt but that's what racing is suppose to be about.they is a lot of other ways to slow the cars. Down besides plates aka 2 barrel carbarater cut the cubic inches down to292 or run v6 which is hate to see but would be so much better than that bullshit they have now.i love NASCAR but they have nothing to separate the men from the boys anymore
Chris Hensley
Bonnet and Gant were great guys and racers to the sport.
James Sero
I was there. 20 rows up at point of impact with the fence. Sad how Neil wound down his career. Ramock folded, a series of injuries, and yet another comeback and then Daytona 94. Sure miss him.
Randy Hutchinson
I miss Neal, he was fun
Sean Hall
same close as dale earnhardt
Mike C.
R.I.P. Neil Bonnett.....great driver.
Rhett Davidson
1:36 you cn hear him heavily breatheing
The whiplash you see Bonnet endure really shows just how lucky he was...
Mike F
Man, that in-car camera view is intense. You typically don't want to look out the windshield and see the top of your competitor"s car.
those guys who installed the fence did their job well, saved a lot of people
he died next year at Daytona
Carmen Bernardo
Given significance because of the wreckfest that today's race at Talladega became.  This was one scary crash for Neil, and for the spectators who were sitting within LOS of where his car struck the catch fence.  It was a lot like Bobby Allison's 1987 wreck, though from different circumstances because of the plate racing.  The race also has significance because of a fellow named Jimmy Horton taking a flight outside the track through gaps in the catch fence between Turns 1 & 2.
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Darrell Waltrip the accident which Neil Bonnets 1993 Scary 4 months ago   05:03

Darrell was one of the most unliked drivers for sometime. However his faith in Christ taught him to be humble.

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