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Sri Lanka: Muslim Refugees Fear | 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka: Buddhist Nationalists - At Up-Tube.com

Sri Lanka: Muslim refugees fear 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka: Buddhist nationalists 2 months ago   07:16

DW News
Following a series of attacks on Muslim owned shops and mosques in Sri Lanka, authorities responded quickly with a curfew and nationwide social media ban. But the attacks are representative of the fear and distrust Muslims across the island have been facing since Easter Sunday. In an address to the nation, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the government had taken measures to prevent unidentified groups from orchestrating communal violence. That peace has already shown signs of being disturbed via backlash on social media and brewing tensions in Muslim areas. One of the starkest examples of anti-Muslim sentiment is in the city of Negombo, where hundreds of Muslim refugees, mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, fled their homes. Negombo was hit hard by the Easter Sunday attacks, where one of the suicide bombers killed more than 100 people.
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Comments 425 Comments

no fits no fits
Keri thampiyo
Sudarshan Chatterjee
Why dont they convert to a peaceful one and live in oeace?
Priyanka S
Then they should convert to some other religion rather than following same religion which killed 350 ppl in srilanka
Shailesh Singh
Making fake vedios .. this girl is from Europe not afaganistan
Brexit is the end of Britain
They get accepted by passive nations, only to kill the locals in due course. Religion of poison minds.
Shailesh Singh
Fake hai yeh.. poora acsent different hai.. it's not of sri lanka... The girl who is saying she want to become doctor is not from sri lanka..Looks she is from us or uk
Wheyooo Bro
Only help them if they refuse islam
Bilbo Baggins
Saudi could take them? Why not? 🤔
D 1
Brendan tarrant needed
Banglore Joblink
Srilanka taken very good decision ... I appreciate it......

Why except Islam other religion is't human beings , why they can't understand... Now they are crying ... I appreciate Srilanka for taking suck good decision ....

Even in india have to take such Decision ...
Debara Adrian
Yes that’s right any one can terrorise For religion
vijaya fernando
If the president or prime minister want to show leadership ,they could encourage racial harmony. The fact they they decide to ignore ,shows they, that is the president and prime minister want unrest; dependence on foreign aid and people to kill and hate each other
You all should give up islam..
Matt B
Quit following a flawed ideology that is full of contempt for anything other than islam, but more importantly, stop the extremist bs
nellai umesh
imran raja
Well if you had criticised the terrorists instead of praising them and so proud wellll this was gonna happen eventually
Tewetso Kapfo
I told and told again but they won't listen me. this is what they desired ?
Chris Logan
Why don't they convert
Todd Hitchens
A teen mother starts the report with the awareness of a 30 yr old... that should tell you something about their kinda culture.
chinthaka kumara
Quran teaches kill innocent people... these people follow this quran.... they are thankless poeple....
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🇱🇰 Sri Lanka: Buddhist nationalists Sri Lanka: Muslim refugees fear 2 months ago   02:24

Sri Lanka's prime minister says recent anti-Muslim violence has damaged the island's reputation as a tourism destination. Rioting in the central district of Kandy has left three dead and destroyed or damaged more than 200 Muslim-owned businesses and homes. A curfew has also been reimposed, after it was temporarily lifted earlier.

Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith reports from Kandy.

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