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Sri Lanka: Muslim Refugees Fear | 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka: Buddhist Nationalists - At Up-Tube.com

Sri Lanka: Muslim refugees fear 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka: Buddhist nationalists 2 days ago   07:16

DW News
Following a series of attacks on Muslim owned shops and mosques in Sri Lanka, authorities responded quickly with a curfew and nationwide social media ban. But the attacks are representative of the fear and distrust Muslims across the island have been facing since Easter Sunday. In an address to the nation, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said the government had taken measures to prevent unidentified groups from orchestrating communal violence. That peace has already shown signs of being disturbed via backlash on social media and brewing tensions in Muslim areas. One of the starkest examples of anti-Muslim sentiment is in the city of Negombo, where hundreds of Muslim refugees, mostly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, fled their homes. Negombo was hit hard by the Easter Sunday attacks, where one of the suicide bombers killed more than 100 people.
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Comments 425 Comments

Husain Husain
there is only one god islam is the truth other religons are fake scientificly confirmed
Sai Ragu
Kill them they are terrorist did you saw
Videos he told us Allah his god
Don't give simpathy on them okay don't believe them dear police arrest them may gonna happen bomb blast
Finish Islam to bring peace
Aashutosh Singh
What you sow, shall you reap. Now ask Allah to help...
michael jhon
Come to india bro from bangladesh border to assam or bangal 😎
Malaysia should take the Afghan girls here.
Thanuja Wanasinghe
good actors, others are laughing
íԵՀ ɾҽՏհɑʍ
Just Leave Islam Or you fine Cuz there isnt other option
heshan sandeepa
Pakistan is responsible why wont they take them back
Ali Abu Maryam
whats going on with shrilanka they only just finished a 10 year civil war between budhists and hindus killing a couple 100 thousand people. if im not misstaken.
Alex Lawrence
Even Tamil tigers didn't blow up churches !!!!
You're not welcome in Sri Lanka.
Go to Saudi Arabia thell look after you !!!
Kai Vo
Hatreds never cease by hatreds in this world.
By love alone they cease. This is an ancient Law. DHAMMAPADA(5)
peaceful living eyes
Who are these ppl they are not sri Lankans ..
Why are they in sri Lanka ?
We have enough problems
They should seek asylum in Arab countries Europe who's got tons of money .
Pls send them back to who ever meet their dreams ..
There is no sri Lankan dream like every one wants American dream ..we are simple ppl strughing day by day to survive ..
This is ridiculous !!

Pakistani President Imran Khan is nice person ..I'm sure he can look in to this ..
vamshi charan reddy
Nice acting
Sanjay Patel
should soudy arabia give them shelter , its rich country and same religion .
Thorben Kaufmann
Drop your bad inhuman religion called Islam and you will live a good life.
It’s up to you! So stop crying and drawn in your lake of tears!!!
Dry Water
Lol,those kids at the back were laughing at 3.26 ,the whole thing is probably just an act.
Amar Zakaria
i always thought sri lankan people were polite . intelligent and peace lover . when i read comments of some sri lankan citizen i realize my thought was maybe wrong.
Tourniquet Now
Islamists are the only group of people that can slaughter innocent people and then the marxist media goes out of there way to AMAZINGLY portray them as the victims...
Absolute trash
nishan fernando
when i come back to Sri lanka i will come to this police station and beg my mom to help u i will try as hard as i can u got my promise remember it will not be the best but i will try
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🇱🇰 Sri Lanka: Buddhist nationalists Sri Lanka: Muslim refugees fear 2 days ago   02:24

Sri Lanka's prime minister says recent anti-Muslim violence has damaged the island's reputation as a tourism destination. Rioting in the central district of Kandy has left three dead and destroyed or damaged more than 200 Muslim-owned businesses and homes. A curfew has also been reimposed, after it was temporarily lifted earlier.

Al Jazeera's Bernard Smith reports from Kandy.

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