Dance Moms: Abby Calls Dance Mom Kelly hits Abby 4 months ago   01:53

Abby calls the police to have Kelly arrested for assualt, in this scene from Episode 7 (Big Trouble in the Big Apple) of Dance Moms Season 4.

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MONICA Valiente
How could Abby call a police if they have a HUGE porplom?
its KnotKath
The ending when they drove away the leaves look like bird box the alien monster thing
Lola Perez
Can I just say cos nobody else is, Gianna is so lovely and loyal to Abby, she is an amazing person who deserves more notice and gratification
Andrea’s Corner
1:33 thats the scariest elevator ive ever seen wtf
Bryce Goddard
Abby was a coward to call the cops on Kelly when she wasn’t even hurt. Yes, Kelly should not have put her hands on Abby, but Abby lunges at her first. I wish Kelly stayed to tell her side to the cops (production made her leave 😒) because 9 times out of 10, they would have taken Kelly’s side if they reviewed the footage. I do think Abby and Kelly would have had a sit down about the incident and apologize to one another, then Kelly would have been allowed to stay on the team for the rest of the season, because that’s the main reason why season 4 was really bad.
Jamie Vires
Abby stop being a hog
Med Tazi
Just for pulled her hair she called 911 seriously
Isabel Gomez
It looks painful
Matthew Jacobs
Why would you call the police she just pulled your hair stop acting like a fancy women
Linda Pool
Not ok abby calling 911
Meghan Taylor
Are we not going to talk about Abby’s rings!!!!
Osmara vlogs
Who else hates Abby cuz she’s rude like if u agree
It’s just Amaya
This doesn’t make any sense
Kelly Mendes
1:44 k but who is that hot guy driving the car 😏😍
Spen Chess
Omg 😰😰😰
I can not imagine how Brooke and Paige felt I feel so bad! Poor girls and Holly was so nice!
Julxd ._.
I'm suprised that paige isn't crying?
A Story Teller
It's funny on how Abby said she has cool and trendy long hair. Lol.
Sham Abu-Alrub
I love that Abby says, "oh well she scratched me!" Kelly should say," IT's not my fault ur bracelet says TOUCH!"
Olga Bhuiyan
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Dance Mom Kelly hits Abby Dance Moms: Abby Calls 4 months ago   01:56

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