Dance Moms: Abby Calls Dance Mom Kelly hits Abby 2 months ago   01:53

Abby calls the police to have Kelly arrested for assualt, in this scene from Episode 7 (Big Trouble in the Big Apple) of Dance Moms Season 4.

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Christopher Walton
Don’t call her a freaking hog you have buck teeth
Salieha Elizabith
Jeez if I called the police when my little brother pulled my hair he would be in jail for LIFE
Claudia Cox
Why is she calling the police? Seriously grow up
Hana Melaku
500pound hog pretending to eat me LMAO
sip that tea
if somebody accidentally touches abby if their walking by:

Person: Oh, I’m so sorry!

Abby: You just ABUSED me. Call the police, Gia.

Person: Wtf
Gwen Riddle
Kelly is psycho. She needs help.
The Neanderthal
Paige is Taller Than Brooke.
Inferno Bryan
Abby talks and that’s what she gets she attacked her first and she defended herself
Dokkan hype
You are mean
Tenirah Parker
Abby I love you don't let nothing get down whatever happens to you you call nine-one-one now is the time they need to stop picking with you cuz you're going to fight back I can't believe she pulled your hair but Abby you know I love all your videos my name is tenirah parker love Abby I got to watch more videos peace love you stay safe cuz guess what the other people that go to jail and they be like you Abby don't do anymore with her she needs to stop it I'm the only one you are good decks with these kids and you need to be liked it at new her don't let anyone push her back down because love you Abby I'm going to watch a videos by Abby I love you I love you videos stay safe and be good
Brenda Martinez
don’t give up girls
Lily Bibles615
“500 pound hog trying to eat my face” lmfao😂
faillon parker
lol Josh was driving
Reily Martinez
For what
Kaydence Boon
Ella Jahrig
Abby calls the police on Kelli but it’s not like Abby didn’t do anything to Kelli, Kelli’s chest was all red so Abby obviously did something to her
Shannon Webb Music
So Abby can give but she can’t take? I’m sorry, if I had to take what most of the moms and kids had to take I would’ve had a fight with her a lot sooner!!!
Armine Hoveyan
It's real
Shona Chamberlain
Why do they have to fight they should be kind give a like if you agree👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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Dance Mom Kelly hits Abby Dance Moms: Abby Calls 2 months ago   01:56

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