Dance Moms: Abby Calls Dance Mom Kelly hits Abby 1 day ago   01:53

Abby calls the police to have Kelly arrested for assualt, in this scene from Episode 7 (Big Trouble in the Big Apple) of Dance Moms Season 4.

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Enchanted Unicornsss
I love holly soooo much she’s always the good mum and she never been in a fight with a mum or abby
Kyleigh Criswell
I love the getaway music in the end
Gregory Thomas
At least she called her hairstyle “cool” and “trendy”
Reemiya Al-Meraikhi
what the heal you now what ahhhhh nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its Eyece
Season 4 episode 7 33:30 your welcome
the amazing youtuber
How did Kelly get that red mark on her neck
Conrad Zak
I know this is rude but

Nicky1973 Langley
0:31 u can tell Kelly is wearing foundation bc of her colour of face compared to her chest like... lmuao
Little Aussie girl Lily
Paige at 0:28 is my last brain cell during finals 😂👌🏼
Devlin Reuss
Go kelly
Sofia Beaven
Oooooo she run frame the coppers
Anime Lover
Omg someone pulled my hair I’m calling the cops!!!😂😂😂
Eulogio Umali
Is your show in a channel i like your show
xxtrouble lovable playzzxx or xxlovable playzzxx
Abby is such a drama queen so a scratch and a pull on the hair is enough for calling the police -_- EXCUSE ME IN LESS THAN A 1 HOUR YOU'LL BE OKAY
Mikey Jamieson
When Abby was calling the police, Gia looked like she was trying not to roll her eyes.
Minnie H.
Everyone is so hypocritical. They call Abby mean when all they ever do is insult her. If they got into a fight like that they would call some sort of authority too but when Abby does it “Oh she justs wants attention!”
Saturn Midnight
I feel bag for the camera man
Nadine V
I don't feel bad for the mom I feel bad for abby
Bushra Triebener
I would love to claw her face off.
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Dance Mom Kelly hits Abby Dance Moms: Abby Calls 1 day ago   01:56

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