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Galactic Battles - A Crossover Fan Film | The Lost Patrol - A Star Wars - At Up-Tube.com

Galactic Battles - A Crossover Fan Film The Lost Patrol - a Star Wars 1 day ago   17:47

Calvin Romeyn
This Fan Film combines the universes and characters of Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, and Halo in one epic battle.

Don't forget to watch till the VERY end!

Behind the scenes here: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/X3M6ti9Ps0b&srngher=lbhgh.or

The budget was around $2000 for costumes and crew catering, otherwise this is a 100% passion project. We will release a behind the scenes/making of video soon! Thanks to all who supported this.

Starring the original voice of Commander Shepard, Mark Meer

Original Music composed by Jose Pavli: http://www.josepavli.com

All characters, locations, and names are property of their respective copyright holders. No profit was or will be made.

This is a group open source fan project made for fun by VFX and film artists around the world.

Galactic Battles was made as an educational exercise of collaboration and mentoring.

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Calvin Romeyn
Hey guys, check out the behind the scenes video!
Bill Jones Jr
Super well done.
JoeDurant Gaming
This is so ridiculously awesome and creative its almost impossible to believe a human being came up with it, being the tiny and insignificant bugs we are. good work!
Kris Clark
The bad guys would fight each other too. Which would make this the most awesome free for all. It would be awesome.
Sargon The Grape
Admittedly the acting got a little cringey at times, but god damn this was really fucking cool. Well done to all involved!
Anthony Dark
Fun filled acting, sound was wonderful and the ships were great.. way to do it. Loved all of it people..
Jakob Chance
That was fucking awesome
Man that Kirk is hot, as is the Shepherd
Jake Moretti
Keyes is wearing a Nazi SS uniform lmaoo
I really want this to be a real movie
Neb Segdoh
O M Goodness !!! This was so bad ass!!
Mridul Gupta
10:00 auto generated captions. Lmao.
Well done, but the speed that the Chief flew by all those ships was beyond suspension of disbelief. Him getting picked up by the Millennium Falcon is already extreme, but flying by multiple upon multiple of football field distances with little boosters. At least it was at the end.
tyler Powell
Don't quit your day job
Actors look bored but this was fun as hell
SCP - 173
I got so excited when Master Chief appeared.
Oddball Dynamics.
Thanks to everyone involved in making this. I hope to see more. Well done.
ur_-_ self_-_
needs a sequel
Enrique Fombella Roces
Tu estabas muy fumado cuando escribíste el guión
Alex Armani
wow u made this so good
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The Lost Patrol - a Star Wars Galactic Battles - A Crossover Fan Film 1 day ago   11:29

Skip the scroll up (but you shouldn't!): 1:25

Just a little fan film for the fun of it. X-Wings vs. TIE Fighters and a little Top Gun. Thanks to all involved!