Halo Story Explained - Halo Halo Lore - Where was Master 9 months ago   15:24

The entire Halo storyline explained in 15 minutes - Get caught up with the lore from the beginning of the Halo universe all the way up to the start of Halo 5: Guardians!

Huge thanks to everyone who helped me!
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Rav Reyes
It took me 2 or 3 full playthrough of Halo 4 to understand wtf is going on.
For some one who's watching first time by seeing title 'explained', absolute disappointment..
YOU DARN I JUST BOUGHT HALO REACH (I just bought it again i had it 6 years ago and forgot about the campaign) AHHHHHH
David McKee
The most epic game series of my childhood summed up beautifully.
I’m busting out 1-4 tonight and gonna play split screen with my kids
great effort. amazing video
cortanas body tho lol
I swear i just understood 40% of what he was saying. i just played Halo 1 on pc.
Aw man nice work! Really enjoyed it I'm an old dog Gamer maybe not as old as "Nomadic Brain" but games have really changed over the years Halo is one of the best. Thanks again for your efforts God Bless and may you always win the game when you play! .... Unless I'm playing lol
pokespinner 30
I still play halo combat evolved
Harrison Grittman
Capt. Jacob Keyes and Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey's daughter*, Miranda Keyes.. Fun fact she was born Miranda Halsey, but later after she joined the military she began piecing together what mommy dearest had done with a bunch of children and sends her a letter stating she wanted no part of what her mother was involved with and that it was probably best for her to just change her names to Keyes, foreseeing the stigma that her mother's name would eventually carry for her terrible crimes against humanity.
The Heretic
There is no Halo 4. Nothing beyond Halo 3. Anything they make after wasn't created by Bungie and therefore isn't canon.
15:06 I just want to tell Locke: this dude survived a fall from space, what do you think a bullet will do?
Juan Jose
This completely sealed the deal for me. I played all the halos when they got released and with how many years it's been my memory is very scratchy. But this.... this did it! Thank you and your buddies. Now it makes sense!!!
Ok Bmszoomer
never played halo. ever. at all, but the universe is so damn interesting but i cant play the game from the start so
Young KJ
good video
Damn, I didn’t know HALO REACH was a prequel. Nor HALO Wars was the actual first.
ツHubie Hub Hub
Music used in chief fighting didact part?
Hoooly shit
Ag3nt Pho3nix
Don’t mind my profile pic this is not my acct but this hurt I beat every halo and this really hit me and before I watched this I saw a 5 hr halo combat evolved play through and that hurt a lot and now I’m sad and wish I had a 360 so I could play and beat all of them again and just have all of the 360 specials like reach And the 3 and I will play until I beat all of them and that’s what I will stream but I don’t have all of them anymore so if anyone has them make a mixer steam and pls HMU so I can watch this is my insta @ send_it_simon
Pls I’m desperate
jack horwath
Im a littlw confused in halo 5 with the arbiter amd his Covent versing the covent?
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Halo Lore - Where was Master Halo Story Explained - Halo 9 months ago   20:38

Halo Lore time! During Halo Reach where was Blue Team, Master Chief, Fred, Linda, and Kelly? Pillar of Autumn along with Cortana were right behind the scenes during Halo Reach & Noble Team!
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