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Child Vaccinations - The Doctors Debate | Here's What's In Your Bottled - At Up-Tube.com

Child Vaccinations - The Doctors Debate Here's what's in your bottled 7 months ago   10:20

The Doctors
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The Doctors debate: As measles make a nationwide comeback, are parents who refuse to vaccinate their children contributing to the problem? Or are the vaccinations more dangerous than the disease itself? Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center, shares the toll a vaccination allegedly took on her son Chris, who immediately after being vaccinated with a DPT shot suffered a convulsion, went into shock and lost consciousness. He was later diagnosed with brain damage and attention-deficit disorder.

This video will show you:
HOW TO discuss child vaccination
HOW TO talk to your doctor
HOW TO ask medical questions

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Zariah La Fleur Powell
So the majority of people are alive do to vaccines but a good majority are autistic people have lived for years before vaccines risk the risk the diseases or intentionally have somebody introduced foreign things to the body that have the possibility of causing death even the slightest possibility out of so many people and pretend it might not be your kid remember this is intentional if your kid dies from a vaccine it was introduced to the body it's not like an illness that somebody gets accidentally
Jane Doe
Is the cause of all these diseases she mentions vaccines? I don't think so. Why, because then kids would have gotten sick when we started introducing vacines decades ago, which weren't the case!
Blondy Smalls
1 in 125 autism rate after the shot your child will have a brain injury how severe depends on how the child's brain responds to the perceived threat if you have a heat see dr, blaylock on youtube vaccines and eugenics
Blondy Smalls
no quality control dont injure you child
Blondy Smalls
factor eight
Blondy Smalls
is dr, oz a neurosurgeon no he never specialized in this field dr, blaylock did
Blondy Smalls
when you stimulate the brains immune system you get a brain injury when you take a vaccine you get a brain injury period vaccines are eugenics a farce they dont work unless you want retarded population
Blondy Smalls
dr. blaylocki will set you straight he got the proof
Blondy Smalls
brain injury vs. maybe meassells
Donna Mcdonald
We had measles as children. Having measles was no big deal. We also had our vaccines (fewer vaccines existed back then). My children's wise pediatrician advised us to avoid ONE specific vaccine grown on eggs due to egg anaphylactic allergy, which we did, because one size does not fit all.

Interestingly, peanut oil was used in one vaccine and our children have severe anaphylactic reactions to peanuts. With the epidemic of peanut allergy since peanut oil was added to vaccines, studies and improvements in vaccines / vaccine adjuvants is needed. Why not consider removing adjuvants such as peanut oil and mercury from vaccines? Why not research, find, and replace certain adjuvants with safer adjuvant alternatives? It doesn't make us "anti-vaxx" but more intelligent our approach to vaccines.
Irma Betancourt
what’s in a vaccine? a killed virus.
Liars!! if that was the case vaccines would be safe! but what about the Aluminum and the rest of the Toxic cocktail of ingredients!! such LIARS!!!
I pray in Jesus name people will wake up!!
Mitsuko Hayakawa
Where is JB Handley in this clip? Missing!
You now you can only get autism from birth. It is genetic
*Doctors are stone cold killers. The Hippocratic Oath is the template for The Ruse of Modern Medicine. All doctors are frauds, they can't even save themselves from sickness and death, how could they possibly save you?? Death has always been a free will choice. The world never needed doctors, you either agree to die and will your own death or you don't. Death has been, is now and always will be eternity inside of the Sun without exception.*
Kat Kat
« I don’t trust pharmaceuticals» 👏👏👏 Americans are usually naive so I am impressed with rebellious nature of that woman, bravo!
Diane Soper
Diseases..??   Some are viruses you idiots.
Diane Soper
A memory ????
Kids were healthier & lived longer before vaccines were invented.
We now have an epidemic: 1 in 40 kids now are disabled my autism.
Let us be practical, I speak from experience. During WW2 fuel run out to heat classrooms in our village school. So in the elementary school, we were herded, well over 100 of us into classrooms built for 25-30 kids. We were also undernourished and the measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, flue and other contagious diseases started. There were no doctors, no medicines, apart from apricot or plum brandy! But unless one scratched one's skin during chicken pox, there were no after effects, one just had a few days off from school, being spoilt. I do not remember anyone having after effects. At 84, after a busy sports, army and uni life, I still work 6 full days a week, study, exercise and enjoy life. So what is all that discussion and fear about a few days in bed?
Come on guys and dolls, wake up! No time for waffling. Billy Goates says it all. The world's population is to be reduced from 9 billion to 2 billion i.e. by 7000 million. Who is behind it ? The Illuminati, a bunch of rich bankers, who want to enjoy beautiful, empty vistas, whilst we all rot in graves. They pay off everyone, the Kenya born crook called Obama, George Sarosh or Szaros ( look up its meaning, in a Hungarian dictionary), Monsatan, Merckderers, a gang of bribed politicians and media. Who financed Hitler? Where does the GMO originates? How is cancer treated ? Chemotherapy, radiation? Not to heal but to make sure that proven cures will not be used. Where did HIV, Ebola, Zika viruses came from? How many people have been injured by glyphosate, mercury and other poisons . Why is 5G buzzing about? Currently the vaccinations are in the news. They are all to reduce the population, whilst the above gangster companies make a killing, literally. But you are not yet aware why millions of invaders are pouring into Europe and into the US from areas, where deadly viruses have not been eradicated but the local population developed immunity against them. But what will happen when they come in
to close contact with those whose immune system cannot handle the. Thank the "Angel(a) of Death" or Clinton and OB. Time is running out. perhaps the army could help, they do not want to die either.
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