Maybe Interim Champ Champ UFC Fighter Austin Hubbard just 2 days ago   06:48

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Comments 1501 Comments

Elvira Hancock
Conor belongs in The WWE all talk no action what a fucking joke!
who tweets more? President Trump or McGreggor?
Kenny "CTRL+C/CTRL+V" Florian
Tariq Aslam
Florian full of shit. conor the cunt isn't fight ready he's takin his time cause he's lookin for the right time and opportunity to feed of other fighters weaknesses he's a vampire cunt, some one please fuck him up, Tony Fergusson the biggest psycho, nut job, screw loose and best fighter is you. Make him bleed please.
Trevor Ruth
Brazilians are animals comment by Colby isn't exactly looking stupid these days
problemm kidd gaming
So conor just instigate with everyone so they want to fight him and he just keeps trolling .. then will say "make em beg"?lol smart but overrated by now
Taaif Mehadi
Conor on his way to becoming the next diaz brothers lol, all this loser can do is talk tough on twitter.
Mesum Naqvi
Screw you Kenny Florian!!
Moe Ali
Sum1 pls cut connors fucking internet off
Michael H
How would Khabib fair if he went up in weight and fought Usman? Mcgregor could have stayed a featherweight and continued knocking people out.
Donovan Daniels
Holloway Vs Conor end of the year
imam Baybars
Florian strikes again
The Ken Flo curse is real
Tony Lao
MAX IS FW CHAMP, not interim. You IRISH RAT were the first UFC ACTUAL FAKE champ champ, just for UFC business ''money'' things. Recently you got exposed for the fake, phony LOSER you actually were. Now, you are not even a fake champ anymore. MAX is the FW real CHAMP, Khabib is the LW real CHAMP! Live with that IRISH RATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
Tony Lao
Brasil people are the worst shithole 5th world animals on earth!
Rob B
Was a huge Conor fan, but not as much now. It's obvious he's just looking for a pay day(why he was talking shit on Max) and wants whatever high profile fight he can get for the right price. The guy has two legit fights at lightweight in the UFC, why is he even in the discussion anymore? He should be at the bottom of the top 10 based on his inactivity.
Coby Larson
Conor just says this shit so you'll keep talking about him when he takes time off. Just ignore him he'll have to actually do stuff to stay relevant (stuff that's hopefully legal in the U.S.)
Derek Baker
The sad thing is rose was destroying vitors twin midget brother....
Rob Bisson
At least max isen't a tap machine like you mctapper...
Bronson Hakkei
I remember when Conor said that champions don’t celebrate other people’s losses. This is referring to when Jose Aldo was happy that Conor lost. Now he’s being a hypocrite and a rat by tweeting about Max and his loss. Max would starch Conor if they were to fight now. All Conor does is tweet to stay relevant while max is actually fighting to better his legacy. He calls Khabib a rat but maybe Conor is the real rat and chicken.
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UFC Fighter Austin Hubbard just Maybe Interim Champ Champ 2 days ago   10:21

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