Russian Pilots of the Congo Africa's Cowboy Capitalists (Full 6 months ago   18:28

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The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. It covers an area the size of Western Europe, but has only 1,250 miles of paved road. Naturally, one of the only ways to travel from place to place or to transport goods across the country is by air. Many of the most daring and dangerous pilots in the DRC are Russian. VICE News travels to Goma to meet these Russian expats, and learns what it's like to be a pilot in a country where, in the sky, almost anything goes.

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Pavan Krishna
12:30 making me think of pornhub
lmao she got gang banged in the sauna🧖‍♀️
ferdie fox
With failing infrastructure "flying is the best option"..... . *Boom* X)
Johnny Gallati
reminds me of 'Air America'
Jae Kim
Is this where lord of war got the Russian pilots from?
Rodolfo Ayala
Great team.
Rodolfo Ayala
Sad 😞 scary. Prayers Amen 🙏🏻.
stevie mac
Free Victor Bout Now...
Dinar AndFriends
Poor parrot!
Lel Look
I realized how nice this documentary actually was despite it being from Vice. And then I realized it was 2014. Sad where they have gone.
pelos 26
is it just me or all russians look mafioso!? lol
Abbas Salvatore
dont drink alcohol, but beer is ok... haha typical russians
10:52 song?
Russians are respectful people they live in that country they respect it and say good things about it and the people in it regardless of the situation
kelvin kariuki
Guys are leaving their best lives 😍
Simeon Deming
would love to munch on that fine bush
They're from Ukraine u stopid biatcheZ
I Eat Memes Without Milk
Does anyone know the song at the end the man was playing? It’s beautiful and I’d like to learn to play it.
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Africa's Cowboy Capitalists (Full Russian Pilots of the Congo 6 months ago   37:37

For maverick entrepreneur Ian Cox, Africa is the last frontier of free enterprise. The former small-time hustler has been busting his ass on the continent for years, selling and moving merchandise. In 2012 he nabbed a lucrative United Nations contract to transport equipment from South Africa to South Sudan, a country on many countries' embargo list. The other problem: the journey north entails passing through countless checkpoints and dealing with bribe-happy officials and their nonsensical paperwork and regulations.

Photographer and filmmaker Tim Freccia followed around Ian and the guys he hired for this job. "Cowboy Capitalists" documents their attempts to navigate the continent's dangerous roads and bureaucratic chaos.

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