Single Girl's Son Is A Bear In The Sims 4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur 3 months ago   34:09

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Kelsey is back to play the Sims 4 and continues the very long, and very popular 100-baby challenge with part 15! Chelsea is determined to make this new year her best yet, but the children are going through a phase.

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Game: The Sims 4, Electronic Arts

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Do the name Leo like my anime bf plzzz it would make my sad day
Elinor Steinbach
I got ridiculously excited when Kelsey named her new baby girl Ellie. That's my nickname (it's one of those nicknames that I literally introduce myself as) !
elaina harbin
Ray Esparath
Oh my *God* Cooper is a furry that's amazing
Vianney Matus
for girls ~ bailey, crystal, kesley. for boys ~ abraham, marco, jorge
Jenn W
We know that Chelsey and Hailey are soulmates because Hailey is wearing her nightshirt to the park
MadKat Given
Madeline for a girl and Leo for a boy
ellie dahms
*GASP* omg my name!!! 🥰
Thor Peter
For a girl named Mitsubishi Tegan I've been really wanting it to be tegan
Lexie Gordon
Theo is my brothers name
SuSu The Egyptian Princess
Kelsey: red head Baaabies. I love it
Caitlin McLaughlin
Cooper's a fucking furry lol
lea blahout
Lol it's Hayley Williams from Paramore! Why does nobody notice haha
My name is Iris and my cousins is Ellie what are the odds also a good name could be Jackson for a boy and Lilith
Oh wow... The Sims 4 lets two sims of the same gender try for a baby?
Kalie-Lynne Kyle
4:27 she looks exactly like me which kinda disturbs me, but it's fine 😂 👌
Abby Morehouse
also i'd like to point out that there's a very real possibility that cooper is a him
Abby Morehouse
name a boy fisher!!!! also rest in peace gavin! i miss him
Every time my sim tried to flirt, it didn't work. She made a friend, and their friendship was max, and one of her whims were to hug. I let her hug him and their romance went up. A hug was more successful than all of her past flirting attempts.
pink cosmetics
Who else remembers Jamie the demon child
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4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur Single Girl's Son Is A Bear In The Sims 3 months ago   01:07